Skirmish in the Sky

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Sonic X episode #15
"Skirmish in the Sky"
Written by:
Directed by: Toshikiyo Ishikawa
Production no.: 015
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

The Mobile Fortress Eggfort Attacks! is the fifteenth episode of Sonic X. In the English 4Kids Entertainment dub, it is called Skirmish in the Sky.


Chris Thorndyke, Ella, Miles Prower, Cream the Rabbit and Amy Rose are going shopping at the Station Square Mall. However, embarrassment occurs when they can't go shopping without making a scene. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman decides that now is the perfect time to launch his brand-new battleship, the Egg Fortress.

Egg Fortress drops robots to assault Station Square, leaving the team trapped. Sonic comes at the last second, but makes a fool of himself when he fails to get on board. Luckily, some of Eggman's robotic falcons appear to annihilate Sonic, and he uses one of them to get closer to the battleship.

Decoe manages to command the falcons to self-destruct, and Sonic grabs the Egg Fortress, but loses his grip and falls. He is rescued by the X-Tornado, but it is damaged by the fortress' main power cannon. Sonic quickly grabs two power rings, charges up a Spin Dash and destroys the Egg Fortress' bridge, which blows up the ship, causing it to fall into the depths of the sea.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Combate no Céu Combat in the Sky

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