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Sonic X episode #47
"Map of Mayhem"
Written by:
Directed by: Makoto Moriwaki
Production no.: 047
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

The Great Decisive Battle on Latitude Zero!! is the 47th episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Map of Mayhem.


Far out at sea, Topaz and several other humans are sailing aboard the Seahawk, a research vessel. Suddenly their radio jams, and they are attacked by a mysterious galleon. They are just able to get off an SOS message to GUN before the transmission cuts out. The President and Rouge suspect that Dr. Eggman is responsible.

Meanwhile, Eggman has heard the news that Knuckles has just discovered the oldest map in the world. He sends Decoe and Bocoe to steal it, so they sneak into the museum disguised as mummies and steal it from Professor Atsumi. The English dub omits the sequence that follows: when Knuckles catches the robots on the run, they escape him by hiding in a bar full of belly dancers! Knuckles becomes flustered and runs out, but the robots decide to stay for a while, and when they return to Eggman with the map, they are covered in lipstick marks.

When Knuckles returns to Chris' house with his story, Professor Atsumi also arrives. He tells them of a continent called Murasia, whose history is similar to that of Atlantis: an advanced civilization used to live there, until the island sank into the ocean. Eggman and Atsumi have both learned from the map that the last remnant of Murasia is a small volcanic island at zero latitude. Chuck guesses that the Seahawk incident is connected to Murasia, so Chris brings his family and friends--and the X-Cyclone--along on a boat to find the island.

When they arrive at the island, a large ship, resembling a galleon, rises out of the sea and attacks them, damaging the X-Cyclone. The galleon is Eggman's latest battleship, and he announces to Sonic and the others that the island is in fact "the world's bellybutton"--a magma pressure point that, if stimulated, will cause all the volcanoes in the world to erupt and destroy civilization. Professor Atsumi guesses that this must be what caused Murasia's downfall.

Sonic attacks Eggman directly, but falls in the water. As Chris jumps in to rescue him, Tails repairs the X-Cyclone and prepares to attack. Before he can finish, a new ship appears: it's GUN, including Rouge, in the "GUN Fort V3"--which is actually just Eggman's old, abandoned Egg Fort 1. GUN engages Eggman, and Tails takes off in the X-Cyclone to join the fight. As Eggman loses ground against his two enemies, he reveals that he has the crew of the Seahawk aboard as hostages, and they will die if his ship is destroyed. Rouge is happy to see that Topaz is still alive, and she leaves the GUN Fort to rescue the hostages.

Eggman finally charges up a "final weapon" to use against his attackers, but Sonic and Knuckles use a combo attack to destroy it. Eggman is nearly caught in the ruins of his ship, but he distracts Rouge and escapes towards the volcano. Sonic and his companions follow him, knowing he hasn't given up on his plan just yet.

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Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese O Mapa da Destruição Map of Destruction

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  • This episode's title is a reference to the 1969 science fiction film Latitude Zero.

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