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Sonic X episode #61
"Ship of Doom"
Production no.: 061
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

The Metarex Battle Ship Attacks! is the 9th episode in the second season, and the 61st overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Ship of Doom.


The latest chapter of the galaxy versus the Metarex is going badly: a single Metarex ship, Hell Ship, lays waste to an entire opposing fleet. As their last craft is destroyed, Cosmo wakes with a start. Cream attributes her moodiness to thinking about Shadow. Everyone else is indeed pondering the mysteries of his return: it seems impossible that he could have survived, but since he wasn't wearing his limiters, that would seem to indicate that he is the same hedgehog from before. But why did he show no sign of recognizing the others...and what was he doing on that distant planet in the first place?

Shadow himself is aboard the Crimson Egg, and has his own mystery to ponder: who were all those people, and why do they know his name? Before he can get any answers, Hell Ship arrives, and Dr. Eggman sends Shadow out to destroy it. Shadow deals them a nasty blow, but passes out again due to not having his limiters. Rouge escapes in her own small ship, but the Crimson Egg takes a direct hit and explodes. With Eggman apparently destroyed, Hell Ship heads off to deal with Sonic next.

Rouge contacts the Blue Typhoon and shows them footage of the Crimson Egg's destruction. Cosmo recognizes Hell Ship as the ship that attacked her own people. When Hell Ship arrives, the Blue Typhoon takes the upper hand at first by clogging its weapons with debris (no doubt including many of Chris' possessions from home). Hell Ship responds by setting a collision course that the Blue Typhoon can't evade. Just before impact, Shadow returns again and deflects Hell Ship. He is followed closely by the Crimson Egg--which was not destroyed after all; Eggman used a door to let the torpedo pass through the ship, and warped away leaving an illusion of an explosion behind.

Sonic and Shadow destroy Hell Ship's engines, and as it goes down in flames, its captain reveals the name of his superior: Dark Oak. Hell Ship sets itself to self-destruct, so Sonic and his friends use the Sonic Driver (and some borrowed time from Shadow's Chaos Control) to blow it into hyperspace before it can explode and take them all with it.

Cosmo feels that she has avenged her people, but it doesn't make her happy. She muses that it may be because revenge cannot bring her friends back, but there might be another reason...

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Nave da Destruição Ship of Doom

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