The Beginning of the End

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Sonic X episode #49
"The Beginning of the End"
Written by:
Directed by: Makoto Enomoto
Production no.: 049
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
The Volcanic Venture | Running Out of Time

"The Beginning of the End", known as "Sekai ga Seishi Suru Hi" (世界が静止する日) in Japan, is the 49th episode in the first season of Sonic X.


Decoe and Bocoe have a renewed sense of freedom after abandoning Dr. Eggman and serving their criminal sentence working for the Thorndyke's. Chris's parents wear "Liberty" T-shirts and Eggman is forced to cook for himself, which is a disaster.

Christina Cooper and Dr. Kim Buckley explain that the two planets were once one, but for some reason an event caused them to split into two different planets and dimensions with their own timelines. The mass arrival of the population of Sonic's world caused the two planets to rejoin coming very close to each other, and unless action is taken, the two timelines will interfere with each other and eventually freeze, leaving no past or future in which physical death is no longer possible. The only way to prevent this is to send the mass of the population of Sonic's world back to their own world and, unfortunately, Sonic and the others as well. Chuck explains that the government wants to return the world to a time before Sonic's arrival, with citizens behaving normally, because Sonic's influence has had an uncontrollable impact on Earth's population. To avoid this temporal freeze, they will have to divide, unfortunately again, the two populations,through chaos control.

Chris hears the end of the conversation and has an emotional breakdown. He rushes out of the room, finds Decoe and Bocoe, and asks them to take him to Eggman, but they do not know where he is except Bokkun. Bokkun takes Chris to Eggman, Chris asks Eggman some questions, who at first pretends not to understand Chris's suspicions, but eventually scolds him for acting in a way that is not like him: childish. He sends Chris away, forbidding the robots to follow him.

Chris returns home unable to accept the truth, while Tails and Chuck collect Chaos Emeralds and build a portal. The episode ends with Sonic hearing Chris telepathically, meantime finding a chaos emerald.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Japanese 世界が静止する日 Sekai ga Seishi Suru Hi
Portuguese O Início do Fim The Beginning of the End

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  • In the English version, during Chris's emotional breakdown, scenes from past episodes are shown: The ARK, Perfect Chaos, and Helen with [[Sonic].
  • While in the original version, Chris explains that it is only because of Sonic that he was able to do those things by showing us the ARK scene where he was being attacked by Shadow
  • In the English version, Sam does not have the flashback of when he met Sonic.
  • while in the original version, he is present with Sonic telling him that he notes that he does not give up on trying to beat him; however, in both versions, there is a reference to the first episode of the series, in which Sonic, at the end of the highway, takes off with a jump and enjoys the view of the illuminated city.
  • In the English version, Chris homework about his future is: help Sonic to make the world a better place.
  • In the original version the theme of his homework change in: to be forever with Sonic.

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