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Sonic X episode #51
"Friends 'Til the End"
Written by:
Directed by: Shigeharu Takahashi
Production no.: 051
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
Running Out of Time | A New Start

"Friends 'Til the End", known as "Chris no Nagai Tabi" (クリスの長い旅) in Japan, is the 51st episode in the first season of Sonic X.


The episode opens with a look at Chris's memories: his mother and father have been estranged for long periods of time and, while behaving well, have not brought them back any faster. The episode then continues where the previous episode was interrupted: Chris stops the dimensional teleport before Sonic can cross it, runs away with him, grabs a bicycle from the road, and rides off, with Sonic leaning on the carrier. Although Chris's family is concerned about Sonic's inability to return home, Sonic is very relaxed and lets Chris decide where to go.

Chris's parents launch a search and rescue operation, so Chris and Sonic elude them by hitchhiking on a truck. While Chuck scolds Nelson and Lindsey for not spending enough time with their son and thus neglecting his family duties as well, he admits, however, that he knew Chris was suffering from missing his parents but that he had turned the other way, immersing himself completely in the search and giving Chris very little attention, but this was not enough because Chris needed his parents. Meanwhile, Chris leads Sonic to a cottage near a beautiful lake, where he and his parents spent their first time as a real family.

During the bonfire that evening, Chris and Sonic resolve Chris's conflicted feelings, and Sonic admits that he doesn't care what world he lives in: the freedom to run is all he needs, helping Chris understand that he doesn't have to condemn himself by making Chris understand some important things: he has always been independent and brave because without him, he would be dead that night in that pool since he would not have made it out without help; he is free to decide what to feel and what to do, no one, not even Sonic, can decide for him. After this exclamation, Chris understands that if he is free to choose, Sonic is also free to choose, otherwise, it would not be true friendship, and in the meantime, they embrace each other, looking together at the moon. Sonic exclaimed: "Chris, did you know that the moon is the same in both worlds?" But not before reassuring him, that one day they will see each other again and that when they'll miss each other, they only have to look at the moon, knowing that his best friend will be lonely without him again.

Nelson and Lindsey understand that Chris is at the cottage because that was the only place where they spent the summer together. When they arrive, they find Chris standing on the dock at the lake, looking at the moon with tears in his eyes and a smile, and Sonic is nowhere to be seen.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Japanese クリスの長い旅 Chris no Nagai Tabi
Portuguese Amigos Até ao Fim Friends 'Til the End


  • In the English version, Sonic tells Chris that he is really his friend by answering the question that Chris asks him about whether he did not become his friend because of a debt of gratitude.
  • Whereas in the original version Sonic tells him that friendship is free will and free choice, in both versions, although said differently, Sonic shows that he really cares about Chris and his friendship. 
  • In the English version, Chris tells Sonic that he does not want him to suffer if being with him prevents him from being free and that it is not right to expect time to stop just because he does not want to lose him, and always in the English version, Sonic tells him that he does not have to worry because as long as he can run, he is happy, adding also that he would not mind being here with Chris, and he is sincere. 
  • While in the original version, Chris asks him, "What world would you really like to live in, Sonic?" And Sonic answers him: "You finally asked the question" adding the same thing he said in the English version about how he does not care what world he lives in, as long as he can run, he will be happy. 
  • In the original version, Sonic and Chris talk about what Sonic's world is like, with the latter replying that it is similar to Earth.
  • This scene in the English version is not there. 
  • In the original version, while walking on the tracks of a station, Chris asks Sonic if he remembers this place, and Sonic replies that he may not remember if he has been there. At the end of this answer, Chris adds that he would not be surprised if he did not remember because his mind runs at its own speed, adding that one day he will forget about it like this place. After, in the same scene, Sonic tells him that he will never forget a person like him.
  • While in the original versions, he replies that he does not forget important things, making us understand that for Sonic, Chris is unforgettable. Although it is said differently in the two versions, the meaning is the same. 
  • In the English version, Chuck says that Sonic can no longer go home because the portal has no more energy.
  • While in the original version, he only says that Sonic can no longer return home because there is no more time to recharge the portal. 
  • The childhood flashbacks of Chris appear also during his speech at the bonfire in the original version
  • This flashback there isn't at the beginning of the English version.
  • In the English version, at the end of the episode, after reassuring him that they will see each other again someday, Sonic tells Chris that when they'll miss each other it's be enough to look at the moon, to then continue his thought about the moon.
  • In the original version, Sonic speech ended with the exclamation of the moon, although the fact that they will see each other again, he thinks so implicitly since Sonic doesn't believe and knows that this isn't a goodbye.

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