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Sonic X episode #45
"Prize Fights"
Written by:
Directed by: Kenichi Maejima
Production no.: 045
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Sonic Battle - Opening!! is the 45th episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Prize Fights. This episode begins the series' loose two-part adaptation of Sonic Battle.


The episode opens with Cream, Cheese, Vanilla, and Emerl making flower wreaths. Though Emerl never speaks, the rabbits take his glowing eyes as a sign that he is happy.

Meanwhile, as Dr. Eggman sends Decoe and Bocoe into town for supplies, the President launches an anti-Eggman campaign, and summons Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge to help him. However, none of them are interested in doing practice drills, since there is nothing real to fight over. In response, the President announces a martial arts tournament, with a Chaos Emerald as the grand prize.

Knuckles broadcasts an extremely intimidating commercial that deters most people from entering, but a call from Nelson Thorndyke informs Chris that not only did Nelson enter himself in the tournament--he also entered Chris, Chuck, Ella, Mr. Tanaka, and Tails. As the tournament begins, Eggman sends Bokkun to find Decoe and Bocoe, who are AWOL, examining the tournament matchup list.

The first match is the President versus the Black Knight (who bears little resemblance to any "black knight" that Sonic ever encounters in a game.) The President's boxing gloves are completely ineffective against the Knight's armor, and one of his aides throws in the towel before the Knight can counterattack.

The second match is Chris versus Danny. Chris puts up an act of not wanting to fight his friend, only to tackle Danny when he lets his guard down. Chuck strains his back while warming up, resulting in an automatic win for his opponent: Lucky the robot, from episode 25!

The fourth match is Decoe versus Bocoe, and they engage in a heated judo match until the police catch up with them and chase both of them out of the stadium.

Match five is Big the Cat versus Ella. She takes the upper hand early, chasing Big with a frying pan, but when Froggy jumps on her face, she is grossed out and faints. Unfortunately for Big, he ran out of the ring, and is therefore disqualified, so Ella wins anyway.

Match six is Tails versus Hawk. Tails wins with heavy defensive tactics, finally using his tails to spin Hawk into complete dizziness. Seventh is Bokkun versus Amy, and her hammer makes short work of him.

The second round begins with Knuckles versus the Black Knight. However, the Black Knight is terrified by Knuckles, and removes his helmet to reveal that he is Jerome, the President's former aide, whose now-destitute situation has become a running joke. Knuckles shows no sign of going easy on him, so he flees the ring. The next matchup is Nelson versus Chris, and although Chris seems distraught at first, he locks his father's legs and wins.

The third match of the second round is Sam Speed versus Mr. Stewart--and Sam disqualifies himself by starting the fight before the bell is rung. Lucky wins the next match by default again, since Decoe and Bocoe are both still fleeing the police. In the fifth match, Mr. Tanaka makes Topaz surrender when he presents her with a beautiful necklace. The sixth match of round two is Ella versus Emerl, but he suffers a conflict when Cream's cheers order him to both "do his best" and "don't hurt Ella." Ella kindly resolves the conflict by surrendering.

Things pick up again in the seventh match, in which Tails and Rouge have a thrilling aerial battle--until Rouge stuns him with a kiss and tosses him out of the ring. The eighth pits Sonic against Amy, and each is reluctant to attack the other. Eggman himself settles the matter when he arrives; Sonic leaves the ring to chase after him, thus forfeiting the match.

The episode ends with a rundown of the remaining contestants: Knuckles, Rouge, Chris, Emerl, Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Stewart, Lucky, and Amy.

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Portuguese Lutas Pelo Prémio Prize Fights

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