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Sam Speed
Series: Sonic X

Sam Speed (real name Samuel "Sam" Flair) is a minor character exclusive to the Sonic X universe. He is Chris Thorndyke's maternal uncle (the brother of Lindsey Thorndyke) and the leader of the S-Team, a special unit of the Station Square police force that uses high-performance automobiles. Sam is extremely competetive and refuses to let anyone be faster than him. His rivalry with Sonic is a recurring theme throughout Sonic X's first two seasons. Sam Speed is 28 years old, 183 cm tall, and weighs 80 kg. He is voiced by Souichirou Tanaka in Japan and Frank Frankson in the US. A running gag in the original Japanese version of the show involves Sam having a different nickname in each of his appearances, some examples being "Highway Star" and "Love Express". In the English version, his only nickname was "Speed King", a possible reference to NHRA drag racing legend Kenny Bernstein, who is known as "the King of Speed."

He is voiced by Souichirou Tanaka in Japanese and by Frank Frankson in English.


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