Red Pine

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Red Pine
Series: Sonic X

Red Pine is a character from Sonic X and a member of the Metarex.

Red Pine commands a vast armada of Metarex. He has a single red eye, and wears a crimson cape; his body is also red. Pine shows up to attack Sonic and co. when they invade a Metarex fortress looking for the remaining Chaos Emeralds.

When the fortress is compromised, Pine orders his fleet to destroy it. However, a gravity field appears and draws both commander and fleet to their presumed end. Oddly, this fate is not shared by any of the other combatants drawn into the gravity field, likely due to the other forces being aided by Super Sonic and Super Shadow.

It is implied by Pale Bay Leaf that Red Pine was similar to Yellow Zelkova in that he favored brute force over strategy. However, given that he was placed in command of an entire fleet, this is probably an exaggeration.

Unlike most members of the Metarex, Red Pine never engaged in hand-to-hand combat against Sonic and co.

Red Pine is voiced by Jonathan Todd Ross in English and Houchu Ootsuka in Japanese.


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