Dark Super Sonic

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Dark Super Sonic
First seen: Sonic X (2005)
Power source: Artificial Chaos Emeralds
Base character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Used in: Sonic X

Dark Super Sonic,[1] also known as Dark Sonic,[2] is the form that Sonic the Hedgehog takes in episode 67 of Sonic X. Dark Super Sonic looks similar to Super Sonic, except he's completely black, has a dark blue aura, and lacks pupils.

Sonic achieved this form by accidentally channeling the power of the Metarex's fake Chaos Emeralds via his own anger. As such, "Dark Super Sonic" is completely rage driven. He quickly destroys both of the machines the Metarex were using to test Sonic and enjoys doing so (hinted by a mad cackle). Sonic powers down when he is calmed by Dr. Eggman who says Sonic normally acts much better than this. As the emeralds are later destroyed, "Dark Super Sonic" is never seen again.


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