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Molly, as seen in Sonic X

Molly is a character from the anime series Sonic X. She was a former ally of Leon, and was rescued by Shadow from the Metarex.

She only appeared in episode 68 of the anime. Shadow mentions how much she reminds him of Maria Robotnik, she dies after sacrificing herself to protect Shadow from being killed by the Metarex. In the final episode of the anime, Shadow built a memorial in her honor, and was seen standing by it.


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  • In the 4kids dub, her death was edited out completely, instead making it to where she fled the Metarex and disappeared. Her memorial was removed as well.
  • In the original Japanese dub, she held the title of Captain Molly by Decoe and Bocoe. However, that rank was never mentioned in the English dub like both her death and the memorial built by Shadow.