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Sonic X episode #54
"Cosmic Crisis"
Written by:
Directed by: Hideki Hiroshima
Production no.: 054
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

The Space Ship Blue Typhoon is the 2nd episode in the second season, and the 54th overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Cosmic Crisis.


Chris arrives in Sonic's world--albeit as a 12-year-old, rather than as the 18-year-old he was when he left home. Vanilla makes him a set of clothes like the ones he wore as a child. Meanwhile, Cosmo explains her own situation: the Metarex have killed off her entire race, and she has come to find Sonic so that he can stop them. Sonic sheepishly apologizes for sending the Chaos Emeralds away, but he and the others resolve to go into space and find them.

Chris fears that a spaceship will take months to build, but Tails has a surprise: he has already built a mobile fortress, the Blue Typhoon, and he can make it into a spaceship by modifying the engines. Since there are no Chaos Emeralds to power it with, they take the Master Emerald instead...which makes Knuckles furious, until the others use reasoning and Amy's hammer to convince him to come along. Progress on the spaceship continues quickly, but the Metarex watch from orbit, determined not to let them launch.

When the Metarex attack, Tails plans to take off sooner than planned. Sonic and Knuckles hold off the Metarex while everyone boards. Even Cream joins the crew, though her request for her mother's permission is different depending on the translation. In the English dub, she asks openly if she can go into space, but in Japanese, she only asks for permission to "stay at Tails' place," conveniently not mentioning that the spaceship will be taking off! As the Blue Typhoon launches, they use the Sonic Driver for the first time to destroy the attacking Metarex.

The launch proceeds without further incident, but Sonic discovers a bug placed on him by Dr. Eggman--which reveals Eggman's true purpose in aiding him earlier. Eggman takes off in the Crimson Egg to follow Sonic, followed by Rouge, who is determined to track the Chaos Emeralds even into the depths of space.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Crise Cósmica Cosmic Crisis

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