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Sonic the Hedgehog Presents: Princess Sally #2
"Princess Sally"
Writer: Mike Kanterovich, Ken Penders
Pencils: Art Mawhinney, Rich Koslowski, Bill Yoshida, Barry Grossman, Scott Fulop, Victor Gorelick
Cover artist: Art Mawhinney, Jon D'Agostino
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1995-03-08[1][2] $1.50 ?
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Princess Sally 2 is the second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series Princess Sally mini-series, the second of three parts. It was released in May 1995.

Deadliest of the Species, Part 2

Continued from Princess Sally #1.
With Robotnik's forces growing constantly, Princess Sally Acorn of the Freedom Fighters has realized she must do the same with her forces...

Hamlin and Geoffrey St. John continue their rivalry from the previous day. They duke it out with bars padded at each end while the others (Penelope, Arlo and Dylan) watch. Penelope is concerned about them hurting each other, but the two fighters don't listen as they continue their scuffle. Geoffrey goes for Hamlin's hooves, but misses. As he jumps back, Geoffrey uses the opportunity to hit Hamlin and throw him into the air. All of a sudden, Sally Acorn runs in and grabs Hamlin's weapon, then kicks Geoffrey down to the ground. She holds Geoffrey to the ground with one of her feet and threatens him with the weapon, telling him to play by her rules: fight Robotnik, not each other. He apologizes, so she helps him back up.

Later that day, Sally rounds everybody up to go over their plan for the day. She brings out a paper map of the third, and last, energy substation they must attack. Located on an atoll, the heavily armed fortress of a substation can't be attacked conventionally by their methods. Therefore, they must think outside the box. Sally already has an idea, so she orders her troops forth to some cliffs overlooking the atoll. After a long stroll to the top of the cliff, Sally orders the others to take out the equipment she packed and set them up. Hamlin and the others have no idea what the equipment is. They are hang-gliders built by Rotor. They use the hang-gliders and glide off of the cliff, on their way to Robotnik's substation.

The hang-gliders work, as they reach the island. The automated defense systems of the base activate, as a cannon comes out of the ground as the Freedom Fighters glide over. It fires a shot at the group, but misses. Sally orders evasive action, but is too late as another shot hits Arlo's glider. Arlo is sent crashing into a tree. With their cover blown, Sally and the others land and ditch their gliders, deciding to hide in the bushes. With Robotnik likely sending forces out, they won't be able to save Arlo until later on.

As they go through the bushes, Hamlin finds the remains of Arlo's mangled glider. He suspects the worst, until Arlo weakly calls out from nearby. Hamlin goes over to the confused Arlo, noticing he has a broken leg. Penelope volunteers to stay behind and keep an eye on Arlo while the others continue their mission. They continue on, not realizing their conversations are being monitored by microphones in the forest, giving Geoffrey a feeling that they are being watched. After walking for some time, they arrive at the temple-like fortress, hiding behind more bushes. A Swatbot arrives at the front door, but is quickly knocked out by Sally's slingshot. With the guard taken out, they file in and spread out, placing explosives in the substation control room. Sally finishes placing her explosive, just as two tentacles grab her.

The group turn around to see Sally captured by the Octo-bot, a large robot with many octopus tentacles. Geoffrey runs behind the large robot, preparing another explosive as the others members of the team are captured by it as well. He sets the timer and sneaks under the robot, attaching it to its underside. He throws the timer for the explosives aside and tells Sally and the others to get moving. Although she's trapped, she takes a spraypaint can from her vest and sprays paint on one of the Octo-bot's eyes. It cries out in pain, releasing the others and herself. Geoffrey yells to the others to run for cover. Right as they reach the exit, the Octo-bot explodes. They reach the bushes as the other explosives, on a five-second delay, explode as well, destroying the substation. With their mission accomplished, they head back to meet up with Arlo and Penelope to go home.

They arrive at Penelope and Arlo's location, only to see that they are missing. Dylan looks at their tracks, seeing that they disappear in mid-air. Sally orders her group to leave immediately due to the possible danger at hand, angering Hamlin for abandoning them. She tries to reassure him to be reasonable, that they either left on their own power or were taken away. Hanging around won't help them, thus, they should return to camp and hope they are there. They grab their hang-gliders and return back to land.

Back at their camp, they wait for two hours, but there is still no sign of Arlo or Penelope.

At night, Geoffrey wakes up again, this time taking Sally with him while she's still sleeping. He activates a portal with his watch and takes her through it with him. Back in the bunker, he opens up a second holding tube beside the one already holding a Sally, placing the Sally he brought into it. He walks up to a control panel and activates a communications link to a central command. He reports to that Operation: Infiltration was successful and that he gained the Freedom Fighters' trust, with an exchange having been made. An unknown being on the other side of the communication link commends Geoffrey on his work, ordering him to deliver his goods. With his work, 'their' cause will reap the rewards of his treachery. As he closes the link, the first tube with the other Sally opens up, ordering Geoffrey for a report. He reports that everything has gone as planned.

In the morning, the other Sally leads the Freedom Fighters, minus Geoffrey, Arlo and Penelope, on a mission to infiltrate Robotropolis. Hamlin launches a electric web at two Swatbots guarding the entrance to Robotropolis, allowing them to continue forth. They hide behind a rock wall overlooking Robotropolis. With all the substations down, it should be open for attack. Being daylight, the other Sally predicts that Robotnik would not suspect an assault during light hours. Hamlin, however, is curious as to why Geoffrey is not with them. Sally tells him not to worry, that Geoffrey is probably doing some last minute things prior to the attack.

Geoffrey is actually working under his own pretenses, delivering the normal Sally to his central command. He enters the base with the unconscious Sally and approaches his leader, who commends him again for his traitorous deeds. The leader tells Geoffrey his plan, to use the other Sally, a robotic duplicate, to lead the others into a trap, while he roboticizes the real Sally. The rebellion shall fall once and for all, under the ruling hand of the one-and-only:

Doctor Ivo Robotnik.

Continued in Princess Sally #3.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Presents: Princess Sally
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