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Sonic Mania
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Publisher: Sega
System(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: 2D Platform
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Sony PlayStation 4
2017-08-15 $19.99 ?
Sony PlayStation 4
(Collector's Edition)
Summer 2017 $69.99 ?
Sony PlayStation 4
2017-08-15 €19.99 ?
Sony PlayStation 4
(Collector's Edition)
Summer 2017 €89.99 ?
Sony PlayStation 4
2017-08-15 £14.99 ?
Sony PlayStation 4
(Collector's Edition)
Summer 2017 £79.99 ?
Sony PlayStation 4
2017-08-16[1] ¥1,800 ?
Microsoft Xbox One
2017-08-15 $19.99 ?
Microsoft Xbox One
(Collector's Edition)
Summer 2017 $69.99 ?
Microsoft Xbox One
2017-08-15 €19.99 ?
Microsoft Xbox One
(Collector's Edition)
Summer 2017 €89.99 ?
Microsoft Xbox One
2017-08-15 £14.99 ?
Microsoft Xbox One
(Collector's Edition)
Summer 2017 £79.99 ?
Microsoft Xbox One
2017-08-16[1] ¥1,800 ?
Nintendo Switch
2017-08-15 $19.99 ?
Nintendo Switch
(Collector's Edition)
Summer 2017 $69.99 ?
Nintendo Switch
2017-08-15 €19.99 ?
Nintendo Switch
2017-08-15 £14.99 ?
Nintendo Switch
2017-08-16[1] ¥1,800 ?
Windows PC
(Collector's Edition)
Summer 2017 $69.99 ?
2017-08-29[2] $19.99[2] 584400
2017-08-29[2] €19.99[2] 584400
2017-08-29[2] £14.99[2] 584400

Sonic Mania (ソニックマニア) is a 2D platformer developed by Christian Whitehead, Headcannon and PagodaWest Games. The game is a return to the style of the Mega Drive games, and features both brand new zones as well as re-imagined zones from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD and Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

A definitive version of the game, aptly titled Sonic Mania Plus, has been announced for a Summer 2018 release alongside a physical version of the game. This version will include the return of Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel as playable characters, as well as a 4-player Competition Mode and an “Encore” mode.


Some time after saving Angel Island, Sonic the Hedgehog and his best friend, Miles "Tails" Prower, are relaxing when Tails picks up a strange energy reading far away. Though different from the Chaos Emeralds, the reading is remarkably powerful, and Tails convinces Sonic to join him and check it out. Sonic and Tails take off on the Tornado towards the source, but sure enough, the evil Dr. Eggman has detected it too! Now it's a race between Sonic and Eggman to get there first and figure out what mysteries it holds. However, Eggman has been busy: he's just unleashed a new team of elite Egg-Robos to handle his most important tasks. They're called the "Hard-Boiled Heavies," and they're about to reach the source of the signal first! It's up to Sonic, Tails, and their newest ally, Knuckles the Echidna, to defeat the Hard-Boiled Heavies, unlock the secrets of the energy source, and stop Dr. Eggman!



The world's fastest hedgehog! Although often impatient, Sonic has a heart of gold and a strong desire to fight injustice - which means putting a stop to the evil Dr. Eggman's plans. His blistering speed, Super Sonic Spin Attack, and sassy attitude make him a force to be reckoned with. After reconciling his differences with Knuckles, he's enjoyed some peace and quiet with Tails and their animal friends - until now.


Miles "Tails" Prower grew up idolizing Sonic, and now joins him on his adventures. He can fly using his two tails, and as a skilled inventor and mechanic, his talents almost rival those of Dr. Eggman. Anywhere Sonic goes, Tails is never far behind.


Knuckles is the last descendant of the ancient Echidnas. He lives alone on the floating Angel Island, kept in the sky by the Master Emerald, which he guards. Knuckles has unmatched strength, and can even punch through solid walls. Following the defeat of Dr. Eggman's previous scheme, Knuckles considers Sonic an ally. When Knuckles spots something amiss on the island, he goes to investigate...


An evil genius with an IQ of 300, Dr. Eggman won't stop until he dominates the world with his army of mechanized minions. Despite suffering defeats at the hands of Sonic and his friends, Dr. Eggman's confidence never wavers. Intrigued by this new energy signal, he plans to exploit it for his own means. With something this powerful, he could finally stop Sonic forever.


Sonic and "Tails" in the first act of Studiopolis, one of the original zones from the game.

As a continuation of the gameplay design of the original Mega Drive games, Sonic Mania's gameplay is relatively identical to those games and familiar to well-versed fans of the original titles. Players are still expected to clear the level under the span of ten minutes, with all of the classic elements present--collecting rings to protect themselves from taking damage, running/rolling through loop-de-loops to gain speed, using springs to reach higher platforms, and avoiding badniks and spikes that can cause damage, as well as other dangerous traps and gimmicks along the way. Item boxes are also present, with standard powerups like speed shoes, invincibility, and the ten-ring box present; as well as starposts that save the player's spot in the level.

The game design also follows from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles in particular, resulting in many elements returning from those games as well. Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna all return as individual playable characters, as well as a mode that allows "Tails" to follow Sonic and provide local cooperative play between two players (with Player 1 controlling Sonic and Player 2 controlling "Tails"). All three characters retain the standard spin attack and spin dash abilities; with "Tails" also having his flying and swimming mechanics, and Knuckles having his climbing and gliding mechanics as well. The game's Zones are separated into two relatively large Acts, packed with multiple routes and secret locations for players to discover; alternate routes only accessible by certain characters are also present as well. Every Act also ends with one boss fight, with "sub-bosses" featured at the end of Act 1; and standard bosses featured at the end of Act 2. Shields also return in this game, with the titular trio of elemental shields from Sonic 3 (the Water Shield, Fire Shield, and the Lightning Shield) restored, alongside the the standard shield as seen from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Sonic CD.

Knuckles in the second act of Chemical Plant, one of the game's zones returning from the Mega Drive-era Sonic games.

The game is not without new additions and notable changes to the formula, however. The W Spin Attack introduced in Sonic 3 (popularly known as the "insta-shield") is absent from Sonic's moveset (although it is unlockable); having been replaced with the new "Drop Dash" ability. Best summarized as a "mid-air spin dash", the Drop Dash allows Sonic to build up momentum in mid-air after a jump, which upon contact on the ground grants the player additional speed and rolling distance. Environmental properties have also been granted to the elemental shields, which allow them to have additional properties to the levels--two notable examples are the Fire Shield burning down bridges in Green Hill and the Lightning Shield having magnetic properties in Flying Battery. A new item based on the Combine Ring from the obscure 32X spin-off Chaotix is also added (with its monitor appearance marked by a blue ring), which fuses the player's total ring count into multiple rings (a HUD indication is also marked by a blue ring icon added to the player's ring count). Should the player take damage, a handful of giant rings, which represent the total rings lost, fly out of the character; these rings of which can be recollected for a brief period of time.

Other modes

Returning to Sonic Mania are Special Stages, which by tradition contain the series' treasured Chaos Emeralds. As in Sonic 3, Special Stages are hidden within the stages and are accessible through Giant Rings. A new concept based on the Special Stages as seen in Sonic CD and Chaotix; the Special Stages see the player chasing down a UFO carrying a Chaos Emerald in a three-dimensional course, while also making sure to stay on the track (as the player can fall off the course into a pit) and avoid hazards such as spiked balls. Racing against a time limit, the player has to catch up to the UFO in order to earn the Chaos Emerald before the time limit expires. Spread out inside the level are spheres which can increase their speed (collecting a certain number of spheres increases the "Mach" speed level of the player's character), as well as rings that can increase the game's time limit.

Also returning in Sonic Mania are the Bonus Stages as presented in Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, which are accessible through a circles of stars that appear above starposts, should they be activated with at the player holding at least 25 rings. This time, the Bonus Stage see the return of the Blue Spheres stages from the aforementioned two games, with the primary change being the player collecting one of two types of medallions upon completion of the stage. The player is awarded a Silver Medallion upon collecting all of the spheres, while the player collecting all of the spheres and all of the rings (and thus earning a "Perfect" score) is awarded a Gold Medallion. The Bonus Stages are randomly selected, and Blue Sphere layouts for the stages include reused layouts from Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, as well as original layouts.

Sonic and Tails in Green Hill, within the two-player Competition Mode.

Sonic Mania also features a Time Attack mode, as first seen from Sonic CD. This time, the Time Attack mode features unique goalposts separate from the main campaign (both used for starting and ending the level), as well as a new feature that allows players to immediately restart the level during playthroughs by pressing and holding a certain button. Acts in Time Attack mode exclude bosses and checkpoints, and the clock functions as as a timer. Players upon completing Acts are graded on their time, and their score; an a additional "Cool Bonus" is added if the player completed the level without taking damage. Once Acts are completed, the game saves and records your time, in which the player can either compare them to a personal list of best time logs, or upload their record to an online leaderboard.

A Competition mode that provides competitive multiplayer with two players is also included. Adapting the two-player "Vs. Mode" setup as seen in Sonic 2, players see themselves racing each other in zones from the main campaign in a split-screen format, and are graded on a criteria of the player's Score, Time, Ring count at the end of the act, their Total Ring count (including rings they lost), and the amount of Item Boxes broken. The player that wins the most criteria takes the round.



Nintendo eShop chart performance

Platform Nintendo eShop reference Monthly Nintendo eShop chart appearances and rankings Weekly eShop chart appearances and rankings Weeks on the eShop (original run / cumulative total)
Nintendo Switch Nintendo Everything (starting 11/30/12) August 2017 (#1 - Europe) 8/17 (#1), 8/24 (#1), 8/31 (#1) 3 / 3
" " September 2017 (#2 - North America, #2 - Europe) 9/7 (#2), 9/14 (#2), 9/21 (#2), 9/28 (#4) 7 / 7
" " October 2017 (#7 - Europe) 10/5 (#9), 10/12 (#8), 10/19 (#3), 10/27 (#5) 11 / 11
" " November 2017 (#11 - Europe) 11/3 (#6), 11/10 (#8), 11/17 (#10), 11/24 (#12) 15 / 15
" " December 2017 12/1 (#15), 12/8 (#17), 12/15 (#18), 12/22 (#18), 12/29 (#15) 20 / 20
" " January 2018 (#14 - Europe, #13 - Australia and New Zealand) 1/6 (#14), 1/12 (#12), 1/20 (#12), 1/27 (#13) 24 / 24
" " February 2018 2/2 (#16) 25 / 25
" " March 2018 3/17 (#19), 3/24 (#19) " / 27
Platform Nintendo eShop reference Overall 2017 performance Notes
Nintendo Switch Nintendo Everything #11 Best-selling Nintendo Switch game Due to the distribution of the source, Nintendo Everything presumes this list of best-selling Switch games only counts eShop sales in the Americas.
" (Domestic/Japan, Overseas), Nintendo Everything #22 Most-downloaded Nintendo Switch eShop game in Japan, #3 Most-downloaded Nintendo Switch eShop game overseas Nintendo Everything source notes that both lists only count games exclusively released on the eShop, and the Overseas list only counts games released worldwide.
", Nintendo Everything #5 Most-downloaded Nintendo Switch eShop game in Europe

PlayStation Store chart performance

Platform PlayStation Store reference Monthly PlayStation Store chart appearances and rankings
PlayStation 4 US PlayStation Blog August 2017 - #3
" EU PlayStation Blog August 2017 - #8

Production credits

Developed by: Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, PadogaWest Games
In Association with Sega

Sonic Mania Development Team

Lead Developer: Christian Whitehead
Project Manager: Hunter Bridges
Business Dev: Greg Dawson

Lead Programmer: Christian Whitehead
Programmer: Simon "Stealth" Thomley, Hunter Bridges

Lead Designer: Jared Kasl
Designers: Brad Flick, Taryn Costello, Michael Balm

Art Director: Tom Fry
Artists: Paul Veer, Kieran Gates, Lucas "Midio" Carvalho

Composer: Tee Lopes
Mastering: Falk Au Yeong
Sound Designers: Hunter Bridges, Jameson Sutton
Announcer: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
Audio Engineer: Jun Senoue

VP of Product Development and Creative Services: Takashi Iizuka
Director of Creative Services: Kazuyuki Hoshino
Director of Product Development: Austin Keys
Producer: Lola Shiraishi

Tantalus Media
CEO: Tom Crago
Producer: Joss Ellis

Switch Lead: David Lally
Programmers: Sean O'Sullivan, Derek Johnson

QA Leads: David Doe, Sheylla Tupia

Original Music
Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Oil Ocean Zone: Composed by Masato Nakamura

Animation Intro
Director, Lead Animator: Tyson Hesse
Music: "Friends" by Hyper Potions
Animation Supervisor: Takashi Iizuka, Kazuyuki Hoshino
Animation Producer: Aaron Webber
Animation Assistance: Studio Yotta, Mariel Cartwright
BG Illustrations: Hans Tseng
Compositing, Motion Graphics: Brady Hartel, Jon Kim

Special Thanks
Elizabeth Ramirez, Lana Kasl and Baby Tenly, Rachel Steinberg, John Hardin, Allie Doyon, Michael Cisneros, Jasmin Hernandez, Ales "The Kidd" Solverson, Mai Kiyotaki, Edith Yang, Kitty Mach, Peter Bowman, Misty Noor, Ben Westhoven, Sergio Montelegre, Aaron Webber, Sam Mullin, Westin

Sega of America, Inc.

CEO and COO: Tasuyuki Miyazaki
Executive VP: Yusuke Suai
SVP: Ivo Gerscovich

VP of Product Development and Creative Services: Takashi Iizuka
Director of Product Development: Austin Keys
Producers: Lola Shiraishi, Miki Takahashi, Terri Watanabe

Marketing Manager: Ari Sariel
Marketing Associate: Nathan Shabazi
PR Manager: Edith Yang
Social Media Manager: Aaron Webber
Social Media Coordinator: Sergio Montealegre

Licensing Director: Ari Sariel
Senior Manager: Sylvia Barraza
PD Manager: Sandra Jo
Associate Manager: Alex "The Kidd" Solverson
Specialist: Michael Cisneros
PD Coordinator: Mai Kiyotaki

Creative Services
Director of Creative Services: Kazuyuki Hoshino
Senior Graphic Designer: Jimmy Lenoir
Graphic Designer: Petia Koutzarova
Associate Manager: Alex "The Kidd" Solverson
Specialist: Michael Cisneros
PD Coordinator: Mai Kiyotaki

Multimedia Production
Producer: Marlene Sharp
Production Coordinators: Jasmin Hernandez, Ayumi Tanioka

Legal and Business Affairs
Director of Legal and Business: Cindy Lin
Legal and Business Counsel: Wendy Wang

SVP of Publishing: Naoto Hiraoka
VP of Sales and Marketing: Tim Pivnicny
Director of Business Planning: Kenya Numata
Sales Administration Manager: Nathan Harris
Sales Administration: Connie Chinn
Financial Analyst: Hajime Sugino

Atlus USA, Inc.

Senior Marketing Manager: Robyn Mukai Koshi
Marketing Associate: Sara Chan
Creative Designers: Ayami Haruno, Amy Shimoshige
Web Designer: James Kaneshiro
Events and Purchasing Manager: Kathy Park

VP of Production: Bill Alexander

Quality Assurance
QA Manager: Carl Chen
Assistant QA Manager: Scott Williams
QA Lead: Elwood Cruz
QA Accomplice Specialist: Rob Stone
QA Testers: Tony Resendes, Adam Borno, Ian Kelly, Logan Sandefur, Steven Kawafuchi

Senior Systems Admin: Bryan Khul
IT Guy Tyrone: Brian "Bquick" Quach

Sega Europe, Ltd.

COO: Jurgen Post
CFO: John Ward
SVP: Martin Servante

Product Development
Head of Studio Localisation and ESO: Charlie Harris
Producer: Teppei Otsuka
Head of Program Office: Mark Le Breton
Submission Manager: Mike Veness
Process and TCM Manager: Ben Howell
Senior SDET: Mindaugas Batitus
Junior SDET: Gordon McKendrick
Head of QA and Localisation and ESO: Ghulam Khan
Production Manager: Adrian Daly
Project Lead: Owen Hewitt
Resource Manager: Ben Jackson
Training and Recruitment Supervisor: Julie Metior
Localisation Manager: Marta Lois González
Localisation Project Supervisor: Antonella Marras

Lead Translators
Luis J. Paredes, Nicole Thomer, Jesús Álvarez

Chiarra Canu, Gwladys Gaye, Giulia Checchi, Giuseppe Rosa, Sebastián Salguero, Martin Schmalz, Alexia Trensch, Sarah Breton, Enrico Sette

Quality Assurance
Functionality QA Lead: Stephen Edwards
Functionality QA Senior Tester: Jasper Engels
Functionality QA Testers: Dumitru Garofil, Dwyane Husbands, Errol Burke, Luke Nelson, Michael Pelling, Prathan Lothongkum, Simone Decradi-Nelson, John Wright, Zack Garvey, Amandeep Gosal
Localisation QA Supervisor: Ruggero Varisco
Localisation QA: Jérémié Maréchau, Antonio Matrone, Irina Hoff, Jose Torres

Compliance QA Leads: David Jenkins, Gerson de Sousa
Compliance QA Senior Tester: Renato Insalaco
Compliance QA Testers: Martha Baquero, Michael Blanco

Mastering and Equipment Manager: Francesco Fraulo
Equipment and Shift Coordinator: Tony Langan
Mastering and Build Engineer: Shaun Young
Equipment and Mastering Coordinator: Danny Florey
Assistant Mastering Technician: Ashar Dubois
Development Service Administrator: Chris Geiles

Customer Service
Customer Service Manager: John White

Marketing PR and Comms
Marketing Director: Anna Downing
Senior Product Managers: Ben Walker, Tim Breach, Lewis Herbert
Brand Manager: Derek Seklecki
Marketing Manager: Reena Sood
Product Manager: James Dyer
Head of PR: Peter Oliver
PR Manager: Sarah Head
PR Assistant: Kerry Barrett
Senior Marketing Manager: Alfonso Cubias
PR Manager: Erica Denning

Creative Services
Head of Creative Services: Jeff Webber
Traffic Manager: Samra Halli
Creative Team Manager: Noud Tempelaere
Senior Creative Designer: Ranj Vekaria
Creative Artworker: James Kent
Video Suite Manager: Elliot Kidner
Video Suite Editor: Chris Bailey
Video Suite Assistant: Una Marzorati

SVP, Commercial Publishing: John Clark
Content Director: Dean Trotman
Head of Brand: Rowan Tafler
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Commercial Publishing
VP of Digital Business: James Schall
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EMEA Sales Director: Alison Gould
Head of EMEA Sales: Simon Inch
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Business Planning
SVP, Business Planning: Katsuhiro Ichinose
Director of Business Analysis: Jean-Yves Lapasset
Publishing Project Manager: Ryoko Nakao
Senior Business Planning Analyst: Yoshiko Mukaiyama
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Junior Business Analyst: Samuel Riches
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European Research Executive: Douglas Owusu
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Head of Operations: Natalie Cooke, Linda Kershaw
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Brand Licensing
Director of EU Brand Licensing: Jason Rice
Senior Licensing Manager: Toby Rayfield
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Director of Legal and Business Affairs: Nicky Ormrod
Head of Licensing: Nivine Emeran
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Finance Director: Deepak Sharma
Finance Controller: Michael Riley
Group Finance Manager: Lenia Peros
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Management Accountant: Tac Hau
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Oracle Applications Support: Luke Walker
Oracle Finance Applications Support: Richard Welch

Head of Design and Development: Nick McKenzie
Lead Interactive Designer: Sean Gallagher
Junior Online Producer: Scott Bone
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Director of Technology: Stuart Wright
Head of Live Operations and Development: Francis Hart
Senior Systems Infrastructure Analyst: Jide Agbalaya
Network and Security Manager: Khasif Iqbal
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Linux Live Operations Engineer: Borislav Velchev
Project Manager: Paul Leclercq
Online Services Developer: Navin Algoo
Web Developer: Rob Howard
Data Architect: Felix Baker
Junior Data Developer: Jagdeep Gosal
IT Support Manager: Luis de Mendonca
Junior IT Support Technicians: Bryan Mencias, Stacy Lovage
Live Operations Monitoring Lead: Peter Hamilton
Live Operations Monitoring Engineers: Ricky Hetherington, Fernando Azevedo, Rikki Laffar, Daniel Dixon, Haren Patel

Director of HR: Ben Harrison
HR Manager: Eithne Metcalfe-Bliss
Payroll and Benefits Manager: Shilpa Pandya
Talent Executive: Ashleigh Meale
HR Assistant: Roseanna Jefferson

Facilities Manager: Aidan Bass
Corporate Office Manager: Lindsey Cox
Receptionist: Alexia Hudson

Sega Games Co., Ltd.

Localization Support
Tatsuyuki Miyazaki, Tatsuya Shikata, Shintaro Tanioka, Takuma Hatori, Emi Yamane, Takuya Kishimoto, Kohei Kondo

Toyohisa Hiwatari, Satoshi Imai, Sho Nanmoku

Executive Marketing Supervisor
Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Takayoshi Ohuchi, Koji Uemura, Natsuki Sato, Risa Araki, Ruiko Miyamoto, Ikuo Ishizaka

First Party Managers
Tetsuo Sasaki, Chiaki Furuya

Mamoru Kodama, Yuko Yasuda, Teruyuki Kaida, Rei Kawasaki, Akane Inoue

Asia Business Dept.
Go Saito, Shintaro Tanioka, Takako Takusagawa, Quan Yeng, Takeyuki Iso, Kenji Sonobe, Hiroshi Seno, Takuji Konuma, Kenta Ueno, Yosuke Okunari, Takafumi Osaka, Yui Funakoshi, Ryuta Sakamoto

Package and Manual Distribution
Yoshihiro Sakuta, Hiroki Osawa, Colin Restall, Makoto Nishino, Takuya Hamamoto

Product Test
Takashi Shoji, Akira Nishikawa, Osamu Sato, Kenzo Kadowaki, Takayuki Miyazaki, Atsushi Furukawa, Kenji Takahashi, Chiharu Yoshida

Quality Assurance
Tomoki Kaji, Kazuhiko Morii, Yasuyuki Hattori, Yuji Nakamura, Shunya Shimizu

Web Design
Yuichi Kikuchi

Chief Producer
Osamu Ohashi

Executive Producers: Haruki Satomi, Kenji Matsubara, Toshihiro Nagoshi

© Sega 2017

Promotional material


25th anniversary debut trailer

Pre-order trailer


Physical scans and ratings

Nintendo Switch
80 Sonic Retro Average
Based on 1 review
Publication Score Source
maniaau 80 №206, p55[3]Media:Mania AU Issue 206 November 2017.pdf

Sony PlayStation 4
92 Sonic Retro Average
Based on 1 review
Publication Score Source
RetroGamer 92 №172, p102-103

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