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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
System(s): Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: Nintendo, International Olympic Committee
Genre: Sports
Number of players: 1-4 (offline), 2-8 (online)
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Português
  • Nederlands
  • Русский
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
  • 中文
  • Release Date RRP Code Rating
    Nintendo Switch
    2019-11-05[1] $59.99[1] ?
    ESRB: Everyone 10+
    Nintendo Switch
    2019-11-08[2] £49.99 ?
    PEGI: 7+
    Nintendo Switch
    2019-11-08[3] €59.99 ?
    PEGI: 7+
    Nintendo Switch
    2019-11-08 €? ?
    USK: 6
    Nintendo Switch
    2019-11-08 $? ?
    OFLC: General (G)
    Nintendo Switch
    2019-11-01[4] ¥5,990 (6,469)[4] ?
    CERO: A
    Nintendo Switch
    2019-11-01 ₩? ?
    GRB: All
    Nintendo Switch
    2019-11-01 NT$? ?
    GSRR: 0+
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    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (マリオ&ソニック AT 東京2020オリンピック) is the sixth entry in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series, based on the real-life 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. The game was announced at SEGA Fes 2019 on March 30, 2019[5], and released on the Nintendo Switch on November 1st, 2019, followed by an arcade version in 2020.

    This is the first time Nintendo didn't publish the game in Japan, unlike the other entries of the series.


    Gameplay in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is largely the same as its predecessors in that the player participates in mini-games based on various Olympic events. The events in the game can be played using either motion controls much like the Wii entries, or by using traditional button controls.

    Also featured in the game are 2D events based on the 1964 Summer Olympics, presented in a style similar to older sports games with only traditional button controls being used and only eight playable characters. Characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series appear in their 16-bit form from the Mega Drive titles, while characters from the Super Mario series appear in their 8-bit form from Super Mario Bros.

    The game also features a Story Mode similar to the handheld versions of previous entries. In this mode, Mario, Sonic, Toad, Bowser and Dr. Eggman are sucked into a retro video game system containing a game based off the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games, and Luigi and Tails must work together to get them out.


    As with the previous entry, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 features the 20 regular characters available for all events who have appeared in past entries, plus 12 guest characters who are exclusive to certain events. For the first time in the series, Miis are not featured in any capacity.

    Characters do not have specific stats in this game; instead, they are reported in-game to have event-specific advantages. All-Around characters do not have specific advantages, and are simply listed as "All-Around" in all events. The advantages for each event are as follows:

    Event(s) Power Speed Technique
    100m Good at Super Moves Runs Fast Super Starts are Fast
    110m Hurdles Good at Super Moves Runs Fast Super Starts are Fast
    4x100m Relay Good at Super Moves Runs Fast Super Starts are Fast
    Javelin Throw Charges Power Quicker Gauge Extends Faster Easier Best Angle
    Triple Jump Good at Super Moves Approach is Fast Perfects are Easier
    Discus Throw Easier Best Power Easier Best Angle Good at Adjusting Tilt
    Sport Climbing Long Grip Gauge Good at Power Climbs Fast Grip Gauge Recover
    Surfing Boost Time is Long Good Acceleration on Landing Good at Tube Riding
    Skateboarding Jumps are High Fast at Moving Turns are Tight
    Boxing Punches are Heavy Good at Counters Good at Super Moves
    Karate Good at Charging Fast at Moving Good at Defense
    Football Shots are Powerful Runs Fast Good at Stealing Balls
    Football (Goalies) Good at Deflecting N/A Good at Catching
    Rugby Sevens Good at Tackles Runs Fast Gauge Builds Fast
    Canoe Double (C-2) 1000m Good on the Last Leg Good at Paddling Super Starts are Fast
    Swimming Good at Super Moves Swims Fast Good at Turning
    Gymnastics Good at Takeoff Good at Super Moves Good at Landing
    Equestrian Good at Super Moves Gallops Fast Turns are Tight
    Badminton Good at Smashes Fast at Moving Controls with Precision
    Table Tennis Returns are Powerful Fast at Moving Good at Spins
    Fencing Good at Parrying Fast at Moving Good at Stepping
    Archery Controls with Precision Good at Bow Drawing Good at Aiming
    Dream Race Jumps are High Good at Grinds Turns are Tight
    Dream Shooting Good at Dizzying Opponents Fast at Moving Good at Aiming
    Dream Karate High Attack Power Fast at Moving Good at Power Strikes

    In the 1964 events, only Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser can be used.

    Team Sonic

    Image Name Type Description Unique event clothing?
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Sonic.png Sonic the Hedgehog Speed The world's fastest hedgehog. He can be impulsive and impatient, but he is driven by kindness and a strong sense of justice. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Tails.png Miles "Tails" Prower Technique A kind, twin-tailed fox kit. He can spin his tails to fly through the air, and his engineering talent helps Sonic on his adventures. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Knuckles.png Knuckles the Echidna Power A powerful echidna who lives on Angel Island as the lone guardian of the Master Emerald. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Amy.png Amy Rose All-Around A hedgehog who is a real go-getter and lights up the room when she's around. She's quite strong-minded, and won't hesitate at taking on evil with her trusty hammer. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork DrEggman.png Dr. Eggman Technique A self-proclaimed evil scientist and mechanical genius with an IQ of 300. He never gives up on his plans to take over the world. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Shadow.png Shadow the Hedgehog Speed A black hedgehog known as the ultimate life form. Created with an immortal body, he wields Chaos Emeralds to warp space and time. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Silver.png Silver the Hedgehog Technique A hedgehog from a devastated future. He is always positive and has a strong sense of justice. His powerful psychokinesis can move big objects as well as allow him to levitate. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork MetalSonic.png Metal Sonic Speed A high-performance robot built by Dr. Eggman to mimic Sonic. He has Sonic's speed and power, and serves as Eggman's obedient henchman. No
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Blaze.png Blaze the Cat All-Around A princess from another world who uses the Sol Emeralds she protects. Cool-headed and hard on herself, she's still a little shy. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Vector.png Vector the Crocodile Power The head of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He has a sharp mind and a sharp tongue, but is also an optimist with a compassionate heart. Yes
    Image Name Type Playable event Unique event clothing?
    Eggman Nega Technique Karate - Kumite Yes
    Espio the Chameleon Technique Triple Jump Yes
    Jet the Hawk Speed Football Yes
    Rouge the Bat Technique Sport Climbing Yes
    Zavok Power Boxing No
    Zazz Speed Table Tennis No

    Team Mario

    Image Name Type Description Unique event clothing?
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Mario.png Mario All-Around A cheerful plumber and everyone's favorite superstar. He stands up to Bowser with his jumping skills and all-around athletic ability. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Luigi.png Luigi All-Around Mario's younger twin brother. He's a little timid (especially around ghosts) but is kind and just as capable as his brother. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Peach.png Peach Technique Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has a close bond with Mario and is unfailingly kind. She loves baking and cooking. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Daisy.png Daisy Speed The Princess of Sarasaland. She is cheerful, active, and always full of energy. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Bowser.png Bowser Power The Koopa King's strength, fire breath, and large army of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and more make him a constant threat to world peace. No
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Wario.png Wario Power Never a dull moment with Wario, a loud, brash fellow who says he's Mario's greatest rival. He loves garlic and money. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Waluigi.png Waluigi Technique Wario's pal who thinks he's Luigi's rival. His gangly arms and legs make him a fierce competitor in all manner of sports. Yes
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Yoshi.png Yoshi Speed Mario's kind, chill ally from Yoshi's Island. His long tongue lets him gobble up fruit and foe alike and turn them into eggs. No
    M&SatOGTokyo2020 Artwork Donkey Kong.png Donkey Kong Power King of the jungle and superstar of the Kong Family. He's so strong, it isn't funny. He'd do anything for a banana or ten. No
    Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 BowserJr2.png Bowser Jr. All-Around The Koopa King's little boy. He might be small, but he's got all of Papa's strength and selfishness. Wears a mask with a big mouth on it. No
    Image Name Type Playable event Unique event clothing?
    Diddy Kong Technique Rugby Sevens No
    Larry Technique Equestrian No
    Ludwig Technique Fencing No
    Rosalina Technique Surfing - Shortboard Yes
    Toadette Speed 110m Hurdles Yes
    Wendy Power Swimming - 100m Freestyle No


    2020 Events

    • 100m Dash
    • 100m Freestyle
    • 110m Hurdles
    • 4 x 100m Relay
    • Archery (Individual or Team)
    • Badminton (Singles or Doubles)
    • Boxing
    • Canoe Double (C-2) 1000m
    • Discus Throw
    • Equestrian
    • Fencing (Individual or Team)
    • Gymnastics - Floor Exercise
    • Football
    • Javelin Throw
    • Karate - Kumite (new)
    • Rugby Sevens
    • Skateboarding - Park (new)
    • Sport Climbing (new)
    • Surfing - Shortboard (new)
    • Table Tennis (Singles or Doubles)
    • Triple Jump

    Dream Events

    1964 Events

    • 10m Platform
    • 100m
    • 400m Hurdles
    • Judo
    • Kayak (K-1) 1000m
    • Long Jump
    • Marathon
    • Shooting - Trap
    • Vault
    • Volleyball

    Hidden content

    Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020/Hidden content

    Production credits

    Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: sega:Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020/Production credits


    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
    Japanese マリオ&ソニック AT 東京2020オリンピック Mario & Sonic AT Tokyo 2020 Olympics
    French Mario & Sonic aux Jeux Olympiques de Tokyo 2020 Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
    German Mario & Sonic bei den Olympischen Spielen: Tokyo 2020 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020
    Spanish Mario & Sonic en los Juegos Olímpicos: Tokio 2020 Mario & Sonic at the Olympics: Tokyo 2020
    Italian Mario & Sonic ai Giochi Olimpici di Tokyo 2020 Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games


    Physical scans

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