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The Leon ((レオン), is a badnik that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance.

It's a chameleon-like badnik apparently based by the Newtron, both in design and purpose.

Sonic Adventure

A Leon in Windy Valley.

The Leon made its debut in Sonic Adventure, where it has the ability to turn invisible to avoid detection and sneak on enemies with its tongue and tail lashing.

Character Stage
Sonic Windy Valley, Lost World
Tails Windy Valley
Knuckles Lost World
Amy Hot Shelter
E-102 Windy Valley, Hot Shelter

Sonic Advance

A Leon in Angel Island Zone.

The Leon made a second appearance in Sonic Advance, with a complete new design and attack. It crawls around back and forth, and his method of attack is by sticking its large tongue. It shows up in Angel Island Zone.

Sonic Adventure

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