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  • Cream the Rabbit makes several cameo appearances during the main game and Mission Mode to guide the player: for example, when finding the "Ice Stone" after Casinopolis Action Stage and when E-102 "Gamma" first goes to Station Square.
City Hall
  • The City Hall Building was given a redesign.
  • The other buildings were also given a redesign.
  • There's more fog.
  • You can see further in the garage in the dreamcast version.
  • The reflections on the doors are differently arranged, but they depict the original Dreamcast colors, even on the GameCube version.
  • The road was changed from dark blue to more realistic gray asphalt. Similarly, the yellowish sidewalk was changed to a duller gray.
Casino Area
  • The walkway is less transparent and has less arch supports.
  • Unlike other areas the casino and sidewalk use their dreamcast textures.
  • The burger shop sign was changed.
  • The reflections on the hotel doors (back) are darker in the GameCube version.
  • A sign for "Ken's Play Room" was added next to the entrance to Casinopolis.
  • The train that transports characters between Station Square and the Mystic Ruins is blue in Director's Cut instead of red.
  • The water is now green.
  • The large box texture was changed.
  • The interior isn't dark at night.
  • The interior and exterior was retextured.
Twinkle Park Entrance
  • The area was given a more colorful appearance which is primarily blue.


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