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The following is a listing of the music files in Sonic Adventure.
In the Dreamcast version, these are ADX files, located in the SONICADV folder on the disc.
In the GameCube version, these are ADX files, located in the root of the disc.
In the 2004 Windows version, these are WMA files, located in the SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\BGM\WMA folder in the installation directory.
In the 2010 Steam version, these are ADX files, located in the SOUNDDATA\BGM\WMA folder in the installation directory.

# Filename Title Notes
0 advamy Instruction: Amy
1 advbig Instruction: Big
2 adve102 Instruction: E-102
3 advknkls Instruction: Knuckles
4 advmiles Instruction: Tails
5 advsonic Instruction: Sonic
6 amy My Sweet Passion Amy's Theme
7 big Lazy Days~Livin' In Paradise Big's Theme
8 bossall Egg Mobile ...Boss: Egg Hornet
9 bosse101 Crazy Robo ...Boss: E-101R E-101mkII
10 bossevnt Fight for My Own Way ...Boss: Event Character Boss
11 bosstrgt Heartless Colleague ...Boss: E-Series Targets
12 casino1 The Dreamy Stage ...for Casinopolis Main Area
13 casino2 Dilapidated Way ...for Casinopolis Garbage
14 casino3 Blue Star ...for Casinopolis Sonic Pinball
15 casino4 Message from Nightopia NiGHTS Pinball
16 chao Theme of "CHAO" Chao Garden
17 chaogoal Chao Race Goal
18 chaohall Letz Get This Party Started ...for CHAO Race Entrance Replaced for song 115 in DX
19 chaorace Join Us 4 Happy Time ...for CHAO Race
20 chaos Boss: CHAOS ver.0, 2, 4
21 chaos_6 Boss: CHAOS ver.6
22 chaos_p1 Boss: Perfect CHAOS
23 chaos_p2 Perfect CHAOS Revival! ...Boss: Perfect CHAOS
24 charactr Choose Your Buddy! Adventure Mode Character Select
25 circuit Twinkle Circuit
26 continue Will You Continue?
27 e102 Theme of "E-102g"
28 ecoast1 Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast Part 1
29 ecoast2 Windy and Ripply ...for Emerald Coast Part 2
30 ecoast3 BIG Fishes at Emerald Coast...
31 egcarer1 Egg Carrier - A Song That Keeps Us On The Move
32 egcarer2 Calm After the Storm ...Egg Carrier -the ocean-
33 eggman Theme of "Dr.EGGMAN"
34 eggmbl23 Militant Missionary ...Boss: Egg Walker & Egg Viper
35 eggrobo ZERO The Chase-master ...Boss: Eggman Robot -ZERO-
36 evtbgm00 Event: Sadness
37 evtbgm01 Event: Strain Used for Chaos
38 evtbgm02 Event: Unbound
39 evtbgm03 Event: Good-bye!
40 evtbgm04 Event: The Past
41 evtbgm05 Event: Fanfare for "Dr.EGGMAN"
42 finaleg1 Mechanical Resonance ...for Final Egg Parts 1,3 and Field
43 finaleg2 Crank the Heat Up!! ...for Final Egg Part 2
44 fishget Fish Get!
45 fishing and... Fish Hits!
46 fishmiss Fish Miss! Unused
47 hammer Sweet Punch ...for Hedgehog Hammer
48 highway1 Run Through the Speed Highway ...for Speed Highway Part 1
49 highway2 Goin' Down!? ...for Speed Highway Part 2
50 highway3 At Dawn ...for Speed Highway Part 3
51 hurryup Danger is Imminent Used in Tails' story as Eggman heads
to Speed Highway to detonate his dud missile
Named "Amy: Hurry Up!" in sound test
52 icecap1 Snowy Mountain ...for Icecap Part 1
53 icecap2 Limestone Cave ...for Icecap Part 2
54 icecap3 Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy ...for Icecap Snowboarding
55 invncibl Invincible ...No Fear!
56 item1 Item
57 jingle_1 Jingle A Funky Groove Makes U Hot!? ...for Options (Variation)
58 jingle_2 Jingle B Choose Your Buddy! (Variation)
59 jingle_3 Jingle C Choose Your Buddy! (Variation)
60 jingle_4 Jingle D Invincible ...No Fear! (Variation)
61 jingle_5 Jingle E Open Your Heart instrumental jingle
62 KNUCKLES Unknown from M.E. Knuckles' Theme
63 lstwrld1 Tricky Maze ...for Lost World Part 1
64 lstwrld2 Danger! Chased by Rock ...for Lost World Sonic's Part 2
65 lstwrld3 Leading Lights ...for Lost World Sonic's Part 3, Knuckles' Part 2
66 mainthem Open your Heart -Main Theme of "SONIC Adventure"-
67 mstcln Mystic Ruin
68 nights_a Dream Dreams: A-Capella Ver. (Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, NiGHTS Perfect Album) Used for DLC, removed in DX
69 nights_k Not present in any released version of the game. (?)
70 nights_s Dream Dreams: Sweet Mix in Holy Night (Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, NiGHTS Perfect Album) Used for DLC, removed in DX
71 one_up Extend Unused
72 option Funky Groove Makes U Hot!? ...for Options
73 redmntn1 Mt. Red: a Symbol of Thrill ...for Red Mountain Part 1
74 redmntn2 Red Hot Skull ...for Red Mountain Part 2
75 rndclear Round Clear
76 s_square Welcome to Station Square!
77 sandhill Sand Hill
78 scramble Tornado Scramble ...for Sky Chase
79 shelter1 Bad Taste Aquarium ...for Hot Shelter Part 1
80 shelter2 Red Barrage Area ...for Hot Shelter Part 2
81 skydeck1 Skydeck A Go! Go! ...for Sky Deck Part 1/2
82 skydeck2 General Offensive ...for Sky Deck
83 sonic It Doesn't Matter Sonic's Theme
84 sonic_cd Palmtree Panic Zone JP (Sonic CD) Used for DLC, removed in DX
85 speedup Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up!!!
86 sprsonic Theme of "SUPER SONIC"
87 ssracing Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R) Used for DLC, removed in PC version
88 tails Believe in Myself Tails' Theme
89 theamy Appearance: AMY
90 thebig Appearance: BIG
91 thee102 Appearance: E-102
92 theknkls Appearance: KNUCKLES
93 themiles Appearance: MILES
94 thesonic Appearance: SONIC
95 tical Theme of "TIKAL"
96 timer Drowning
97 titl_egg Egg Carrier Transform
98 titl_mr1 Unused
99 titl_mr2 Unused
100 titl_ss Trial Version Quit
101 title Main Menu
102 title2 Title Screen
103 trial Trial
104 twnklpk1 Twinkle Cart ...for Twinkle Park Part 1
105 twnklpk2 Pleasure Castle ...for Twinkle Park Part 2
106 twnklpk3 Fakery Way ...for Twinkle Park Part 3
107 wndyvly1 Windy Hill ...for Windy Valley Part 1
108 wndyvly2 Tornado ...for Windy Valley Part 2
109 wndyvly3 The Air ...for Windy Valley Part 3
110 MSTART_44 Mission Start! DX only
111 MCLEAR_44 Mission Clear! DX only
112 chao_k_net_fine Chao: Level Up! DX only, from SA2B
113 chao_g_iede Chao: Goodbye! DX only, from SA2B
114 CHAO_R_E Chao: Naming DX only, from SA2B
115 c_btl_cv Chao Race Entry DX only, from SA2B
116 chao_r_gate_open Chao Race Gate Open Unused, DX only, from SA2B
117 chao_g_born_h2 Hero Chaos Chao Born 2 DX only, from SA2B
118 chao_g_born_d2 Dark Chaos Chao Born 2 DX only, from SA2B
119 chao_g_born_c Chaos Chao Born DX only, from SA2B
120 chao_g_born_h Hero Chaos Chao Born DX only, from SA2B
121 chao_g_born_d Dark Chaos Chao Born DX only, from SA2B
122 chao_g_dead Chao Died DX only, from SA2B
123 chao_g_dance Chao Dance DX only, from SA2B
124 CHAO_K_M Chao: Black Market DX only, from SA2B
255 Stop Music


SCHG:Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices

Sound Effects

SCHG:Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Sound Effects


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