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SCHG: Sonic Adventure
2004 PC
2010 PC

Model locations

The following is a list of locations where OBJECT Structs can be found.



Misc. objects

Address Description Textures
49C830 Dr. Eggman EGGMAN.PVM
4B50C4 Spring from Sonic Jam OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4B67C8 Ground Spring OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4BA2D8 End Level Capsule OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4BA6D4 Emerald Piece OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4BFEF4 Rocket Platform OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4C5174 Jump Panel OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4C688C Widespring OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4C908C Checkpoint OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4C9C4C Dynamite pack (Gamma) OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4CB43C Floating Item Box OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
4D4880 Tikal TIKAL.PVM
50D134 Debug Sphere None
50D544 Debug Cylinder None
50D7B4 Debug Cube None
54EFD4 Boa-Boa's head
55A334 Aircraft Enemy Missile E_AIRCRAFT.PVM
560AE4 Aircraft Enemy + Missiles E_AIRCRAFT.PVM
560DFC Aircraft Door E_AIRCRAFT.PVM
56132C Aircraft Platform E_AIRCRAFT.PVM
561F24 "Air Signal" AIR_SIGNAL.PVM
565510 Kiki E_SARU.PVM
570D8C Spinner Body SUPI_SUPI.PVM
571764 Cop Speeder head
57388C Cop Speeder NISEPAT.PVM
5749FC Emblem EMBLEM.PVM
584EE0 Birdie AMY.PVM
5889E4 Ice Ball enemy
848FBC E-103's Jet Booster
C3B270 Emerald Coast skybox BG_BEACH.PVM
C3B37C Emerald Coast skybox bottom BG_BEACH.PVM
C43B1C Emerald Coast Spike Gate OBJ_BEACH.PVM
C3C7AC Emerald Coast palmtree OBJ_BEACH.PVM
C4C00C Emerald Coast Dolphin OBJ_BEACH.PVM
C85444 Emerald Coast Umbrella 1 OBJ_BEACH.PVM
C85444 Emerald Coast Umbrella 2 OBJ_BEACH.PVM
CC782C Tails' crashed plane in Emerald Coast OBJ_REGULAR.PVM
CD7774 Question Mark from Character Select
D33328 Chaos 2 CHAOS2.PVM
DEDF38 Chaos 6 skybox bottom
DEEED8 Chaos 6 skybox
E62B54 Chaos 6 frozen CHAOS6.PVM
E72FF4 Chaos 6 CHAOS6.PVM
F870E4 Fishing target from Chaos 6 fight
F9757C Perfect Chaos CHAOS7_0.PVM
FA27F0 Perfect Chaos sinking/rising CHAOS7_0.PVM
FA3C10 Perfect Chaos' tornadoes CHAOS7_0.PVM
10DE59C E-101's Jet Booster
115A1E4 Eggmobile from Egg Hornet EGM1.PVM
1161A70 Egg Hornet EGM1.PVM
11658E0 Eggman in Egg Hornet EGM1EGGMAN.PVM
122F554 Egg Walker body EGM2_COMMON.PVM
1269DA8 Egg Viper head EGM3_MDL.PVM
126C54C Egg Viper cockpit (with Eggman) EGM3_MDL.PVM
126CF1C Egg Viper tail section EGM3_MDL.PVM
126E68C Egg Viper spiked disc EGM3_MDL.PVM
1270218 Egg Viper middle platform breaking EGM3_MDL.PVM
12718D0 Egg Viper end platform breaking EGM3_MDL.PVM
1272814 Egg Viper middle platform EGM3_MDL.PVM
12737BC Egg Viper end platform EGM3_MDL.PVM
12EB424 Mission End Mark
12EB7EC Red Flag
12EBFF4 Sonic Advance 2 billboard
12EC61C Medallion
12F5EA0 Statue from Mission mode
12FD948 Christmas Tree SA_XMAS.PVM
1328B24 Mechanical Fish MECHA.PVM
162BFE4 Light from Final Egg
1C28BB8 Small Mirror from Lost World
228C058 Helicopter from Speed Highway
229D214 2P Eggmobile
229EE24 2P Eggman
22A0008 Eggman's Missile from Speed Highway
24C1E88 Sky Chase Dragon something SHOOTING1.PVM
24C469C Sky Chase Dragon head 1 SHOOTING1.PVM
24C6CAC Sky Chase Dragon head 2 SHOOTING1.PVM
24CF810 Sky Chase Dragon body SHOOTING1.PVM
2582F44 Egg Carrier in Sky Chase SHOOTING0.PVM
2AEB524 Eggman in Egg Mobile in cutscenes EV_EGGMOBLE0.PVM
2C9F1C0 E-105 in cutscenes EV_E105_BODY.PVM
2CA7940 E-104 in cutscenes EV_E104_BODY.PVM
2CB00C0 E-103 in cutscenes EV_E103_BODY.PVM
2D85D2C Chaos 1 EV_CHAOS1.PVM
2ED3E74 Metal Sonic (From Amy's Flashback) EV_S_MSBODY.PVM
2F31468 Tails + crashed plane in Emerald Coast cutscene
2FCB04C Name Machine Button
2FCB2D4 Name Machine Door
2FCFC70 Chao Name Machine
3204540 Chao Teleporter
32065B4 Chao Teleporter (Egg Carrier)
3206D00 Probably Chao Egg AL_BODY.PVM
34B8780 Kart Kiki body
34BE5F4 Kart dash panel OBJ_SHAREOBJ.PVM
34C07CC Kart jump panel OBJ_SHAREOBJ.PVM
34CBC74 Rhinotank E_SAI.PVM
34E3584 Buyon's head
34E50C4 Buyon's feet


Address Description Textures
23EB198 Tornado 2 (with Sonic and Tails) SHOOTING2.PVM
240C158 Tornado 2 transformed (with Sonic and Tails) SHOOTING2.PVM
24B1DA0 Tornado (with Sonic and Tails) SHOOTING1.PVM




Textures: SONIC.PVM

Address Description
56AF50 Normal
5729CC Rolling
57BC44 Jump Ball
5812AC Cutscene Head
5818AC Left Light Shoe Toe
581FB8 Left Light Shoe Heel
5825A4 Right Light Shoe Toe
582CC0 Right Light Shoe Heel
583284 Crystal Ring
583904 Crystal Ring item
6837E8 Light Speed Dash
Misc. models
Address Description
7276E4 Snowboard
61AA94 Sonic's Spindash Trail
61B4DC Sonic's Spindash Trail Ball

Metal Sonic


Address Description
591068 Normal
59C234 Rolling
59E254 Jump Ball

Super Sonic


Address Description
62DE88 Normal
62FE6C Jump Ball
630794 Aura
631128 Aura while moving
631AC0 Aura at max speed
631DBC Water trail while moving
6320B4 Water trail at max speed


Textures: MILES.PVM

Address Description
42AD54 Normal
437C44 Flying
43F4B4 Rolling
44148C Jump Ball
46EE44 Left Jet Anklet
46FC84 Right Jet Anklet
46E014 Body with Rhythm Badge



Address Description
2E23B0 Normal
2EEE50 Air
2F0E24 Jump Ball
2F8530 Rolling


Textures: AMY.PVM

Address Description
16460 Normal
1CDCC Long Hammer
1D858 Feather


Textures: E102.PVM

Address Description
207290 Normal
20969C Laser Blaster
20B19C Jet Booster
20BCAC Laser Sight


Textures: BIG.PVM

Address Description
12541C Normal
1284BC Body with Life Belt



Address Description Textures
30CD0 Blue Chaos Emerald MROBJ.PVM
31A10 Green Chaos Emerald MROBJ.PVM
32750 Purple Chaos Emerald MROBJ.PVM
33490 Red Chaos Emerald MROBJ.PVM
341D0 Sky Blue Chaos Emerald MROBJ.PVM
34F10 Yellow Chaos Emerald MROBJ.PVM
35C50 White Chaos Emerald MROBJ.PVM
36990 Master Emerald MROBJ.PVM
37908 Master Emerald (incomplete) MROBJ.PVM
38868 Master Emerald (three pieces missing) MROBJ.PVM
38D78 Master Emerald Shard MROBJ.PVM
261F08 Mecha Sonic ADV_MR03.PVM



Address Description Textures
107E28 Echidna PAST_KN_FAM.PVM
10C220 Another Echidna PAST_KN_FAM.PVM
1106F8 Another Echidna PAST_KN_FAM.PVM
133658 Master Emerald OBJ_PAST.PVM
134398 Red Chaos Emerald OBJ_PAST.PVM
1350D8 Yellow Chaos Emerald OBJ_PAST.PVM
135E18 Green Chaos Emerald OBJ_PAST.PVM
136B58 Sky Blue Chaos Emerald OBJ_PAST.PVM
137898 Blue Chaos Emerald OBJ_PAST.PVM
1385D8 Purple Chaos Emerald OBJ_PAST.PVM
139318 White Chaos Emerald OBJ_PAST.PVM
13CB28 Another Chao EV_ALIFE.PVM
147834 Pachacamac EV_K_PATYA.PVM


key=0x10000000 Textures: CHAOS0.PVM

Address Description
135BC Chaos 0

Animation locations



Address Description
49E254 Standing
4A094C Walking
4A3564 Running
4A513C  ???
4A6BF4 Turning around


Address Description
4F83F4 Standing
4FC8DC Walking
4F46BC  ???
500814  ???


Address Description
23EFDDC Tornado 2 flying
23F2AA4 Tornado 2 hit
23F612C Tornado 2 fatal hit
23F8974 Tornado 2 falling
240F23C Tornado 2 transformed flying
2411CE4 Tornado 2 transformed hit
2414D9C Tornado 2 transformed fatal hit
2417514 Tornado 2 transformed falling
24B7A0C Tornado flying
24BA71C Tornado hit
24BDDBC Tornado fatal hit
24C09FC Tornado falling

Misc. Objs.

Address Description
4B8BC4 Dash Panel
5228A4 Froggy Swimming
5858A4 Amy's Birdie
10D5BF4 Perfect Chaos' tornadoes
24D700C Sky Chase Dragon's body main animation
2ED6344 Metal Sonic Flight (Amy's Flashback)



Address Model Description
59F424 56AF50 Metal Sonic Hover
5C310C 56AF50 Standing
5C85E4 56AF50 Looking around
5CC0CC 56AF50 Walk 1
5CF9D4 56AF50 Walk 2
5D320C 56AF50 Walk 3
5D64A4 56AF50 Run 1
5D914C 56AF50 Skid stop
5DB61C 56AF50 Spring flight
5DEED4 56AF50 Spring flight -> Falling
5E241C 56AF50 Falling
5E512C 56AF50 Landing
5F194C 56AF50 Push (start)
5F46E4 56AF50 Push (loop)
5D9674 5729CC Spin
68788C 56AF50 Air Flip
5EDB24 56AF50 Hit wall 1
60A7EC 56AF50 Hit wall recovery
5E7CE4 56AF50 Run 2
60C434 56AF50 Slide stance
5F63AC 56AF50 turn around
5F7DDC 57BC44 Spin Ball
5F7D44 56AF50 Slow backflip
68A424 56AF50 Pick up object
691774 56AF50 object jump
693C1C 56AF50 object jump -> object fall
695754 56AF50 Object fall
697824 56AF50 Object landing
68C82C 56AF50 object Run
6999AC 56AF50 Object stop
69B194 56AF50 Object Turnaround
68DA54 56AF50 Object stand
6902BC 56AF50 Object walk
6B5234 56AF50 Shake Tree
6B39CC 56AF50 Pull
6A3404 56AF50 Throw object
6A825C 56AF50 Toss object
6ABFCC 56AF50 Air throw
6AE064 56AF50 Air toss
6AEFEC 56AF50 Standing -> Pick up
6B0854 56AF50 holding tree
673AA4 56AF50 Slip
67642C 56AF50 Trampoline Backflip
678DB4 56AF50 Trampoline Flip 2
67A9AC 56AF50 Slip
6C848C 56AF50 Ready to pull
6804DC 56AF50 slow frontflip
6CACEC 56AF50 Hanging
6DA174 56AF50 monkey bars
6DBFD4 56AF50 monkey bars
6DDE54 56AF50 monkeybars (broken eyes)
72539C 56AF50 board stance 2
727214 56AF50 board stance 3
71F734 56AF50 wavering on board
71C9CC 56AF50 hit on board
723514 56AF50 turning on board
7214AC 56AF50 turning on board
717FFC 56AF50 Jumping on Board -> Falling on Board
719A84 56AF50 jumping on board
7147EC 56AF50 snowboard stance
716584 56AF50 Crouch on board
70E814 56AF50 Falling on board
7103CC 56AF50 Falling on board
7133D4 56AF50 hit on board
70AF64 56AF50 Standing on board
70CB8C 56AF50 eh more boarding animations
702BC4 56AF50 Jump trick 1
70935C 56AF50 Jump trick 2
6F9C24 56AF50 Spin jump trick
6FDACC 56AF50 Melon grab
729124 7276E4 Board animation 1
72936C 7276E4 Board animation 2
728C6C 7276E4 Board animation 3
728A44 7276E4 Board animation 4
728EDC 7276E4 Board animation 5
728DA4 7276E4 Board animation 6
7286E4 7276E4 Board animation 7
72881C 7276E4 Board animation 8
728464 7276E4 Board animation 9
72859C 7276E4 Board animation 10
727F04 7276E4 Board animation 11
72832C 7276E4 Board animation 12
727844 7276E4 Board animation 13
727ADC 7276E4 Board animation 14
667804 56AF50 jumping from icicle
6690BC 56AF50 latching onto icicle
66BE64 56AF50 moving left on icicle
66EBDC 56AF50 moving right on icicle
670224 56AF50 holding icicle
671EAC 56AF50 Slipping on icicle
6B8B1C 56AF50 climbing ladder
6BAAC4 56AF50 Shot from cannon
6E1B3C 56AF50 Slipping on ice
6125AC 56AF50 Lean Forward
613E94 56AF50 Lean Back
6BC4FC 56AF50 holding rocket
6BE124 56AF50 holding rocket
6C53AC 56AF50 Win level
6C6AE4 56AF50 Win -> Standing
67E3D4 56AF50 Falling
6D0C24 56AF50 gassed/drunk sonic
65B9DC 56AF50 Sky Deck cylinder shimmy
65F6A4 56AF50 Sky Deck cylinder shimmy
66120C 56AF50 Sky Deck grasping cylinder
72A1F4 56AF50 Spin jump trick
72B95C 56AF50 Spin jump trick -> Falling on Board
7372A4 56AF50 Jump trick 3
7373CC 7276E4 Board animation 15
737504 7276E4 Board animation 16
73810C 7276E4 Board animation 17
6E5304 56AF50 Jump pad invert
6E732C 56AF50 Flight to jump pad
6E9454 56AF50 breathe bubble
5FABC4 56AF50 Take damage
5FF48C 56AF50 Hurt landing
606EE4 56AF50 death
6EA6FC 56AF50 Light dash flight
61660C 56AF50 Bored Comment
61A8A4 56AF50 Bored Comment 2
60EE6C 56AF50 Standing -> Surf Stance
610AF4 56AF50 Surf Stance
6EC184 56AF50 Pick up object
6EDE5C 56AF50 Shake object
6EFA74 56AF50 Stop shaking
6F824C 56AF50 Drowning
6633C4 56AF50 slide down Sky Deck cylinder
665D3C 56AF50 slide down Sky Deck cylinder -> Sky Deck grasping cylinder
638ECC 62DE88 Super Sonic Standing
633064 62DE88 Super Sonic Standing -> Moving 1
63418C 62DE88 Super Sonic Moving 1
635334 62DE88 Super Sonic Moving 2
64389C 56AF50 Shake off water
64B6A4 56AF50 Shower
64EDBC 56AF50 Shower 2
657D14 56AF50 Shower 3
638EDC 62DE88 Super Sonic Spring Flight
638EE4 62DE88 Super Sonic Spring Flight -> Falling
638EEC 62DE88 Super Sonic Falling
638EF4 62DE88 Super Sonic Landing
638ED4 62FE6C Super Sonic Jumping
638EFC 62DE88 Super Sonic Victory
638F04 62DE88 Super Sonic Victory -> Standing
61CD24 56AF50 Pet chao
61DE4C 56AF50 Pet chao loop
61F2C4 56AF50 Stop petting chao
62161C 56AF50 Whistle


Address Description
4FF9F4 Standing
4FF9F4 Landing
4FF9F4 Standing after landing (animates faster)
4FF9F4  ?
52C81C Standing -> Looking Around
531774 Looking Around
52C81C Looking Around -> Standing
50DEB4 Lean Forwards
50F6AC Lean Backwards
50263C Walking 1
4D4154 Walking 2
4D4154 Walking 3 (Tail Effect)
4D569C Running 1
4D569C Running 2
4D730C Jumping (in air)/Spindash (on ground)
4D730C Rolling
4D73A4 Spin ball
47D9AC Spring Flight
47E664 Spring Flight -> Falling
47F41C Falling
481BF4 Landing
4DE1E4 Braking
4E067C Turning
50263C Walking?
4F3E8C Pushing
4C0FF4 Pushing Loop
4A79B4 Hurt
4ABA9C Hurt Landing
4B4794 Dying
4B661C Dying w/ head shaking?
517064  ?
517064 Drowning
4DE1E4  ?
4D130C Tumbling
4860FC Tumbling -> Sitting
488F74 Sitting -> Standing
4D8B2C Tumbling -> Standing
48A9CC Flying
48C644 Flying reached maximum height
48E3DC Flying falling
48F9F4 more Flying
48F9F4 more Flying
48E3DC Flying reached limit
471204 Tail Attack
47521C Spin Tail Attack
476954 Spin Tail Attack
47796C Spin Tail Attack
478904 Spin Tail Attack
479A3C Spin Tail Attack
47AD94 Spin Tail Attack
47BCBC Spin Tail Attack
47CC34 Spin Tail Attack
472BDC Spin Tail Attack
473BD4 Spin Tail Attack
4BD2D4 Victory
4BEBDC Victory -> Standing
4C8D5C Standing -> Failure
4CAC14 Failure
497E5C Pick Up object
499E34 Walking with object 2
49CF0C Braking with object
49E804 Turn around with object
49FEDC Holding object
4A1D14 Walking with object 1
47D9AC  ?
47E664  ?
47D9AC  ?
47E664  ?
47F41C  ?
47D9AC  ?
481BF4  ?
4FF9F4  ?
4FF9F4  ?
4E5EC4  ?
4D6E34 Shaking tree
51889C Holding object -> Nuzzle object
51A294 Nuzzle object
51BC2C Nuzzle object -> Holding object
4F3E8C Standing -> Holding tree
4F5C54 Holding tree
497E5C  ?
497E5C Falling with object
497E5C  ?
497E5C  ?
4ED88C  ?
4F34B4 Throw object on ground
4ED88C  ?
4F34B4 Throw object in air
497E5C Put down object


Address Description
33198C Falling
33A75C Knocked Back 1
33EFCC Head Shake
340564 Gliding (Uses "Knuckles Air" Also)
350884 Climbing Loop
35737C Hit Wall
35A3D4 Knocked Back 2
360AFC Death 1
362984 Death 2
367884 Punching (Right)
36C0D4 Punching (Left)
372FA4 Charge Punching
3758BC Jump Back
378094 Push 1
37CDA4 Windy Flipping Loop
38033C Jogging
3835C4 Running (Uses "Knuckles Air" Also)
384ECC Leaning Forward
386694 Leaning Back
387F3C Shakeing Tree
389EA4 Standing Up
38E57C Skidding
390244 Skidding 2
3931CC Cracking Knuckles - Start (unused)
395174 Cracking Knuckles - Loop (unused)
39938C Cracking Knuckles - End (unused)
3A17DC Punch/Throw/Spike? (unused)
3A83DC Throw
3A8E84 Push 2
3AA6EC Hold Tree
3AC414 1 Arm Hang
3AE8FC Waiting Start
3B2814 Waiting
3B483C Fist Pump Start
3B6484 Fist Pump
3B8E0C Standing
3BC004 Walking
3BF1AC Walking Fast
3BFFD4 Chao Petting - Start
3C0AFC Chao Petting - Loop
3C1CB4 Chao Petting - End
3C384C Whistle
3C5C34 Digging - Start
3C7DCC Digging
3D02C4 Drown
3D1DCC Shake Start
3D3AF4 Shake Loop
3D578C Put Down
3DEA1C Running with Object
3E2194 Walking Throw
3E391C Throwing in Mid-Air
3E5784 Standing with Object
3E7ADC Walking with Object
3EB3C4 Climb Loop
3EE6EC Pick Up
3F1794 Obtained Shovel Claws - Start
3F44FC Obtained Shovel Claws - Loop
3F6784 Obtained Shovel Claws - End
3F95FC Obtained Fighting Gloves - Start
3FBF04 Obtained Fighting Gloves - Loop
3FE34C Obtained Fighting Gloves - End
406F94 Victory Pose
408AFC  ???
40A644 Rocket Hold
40C26C Hanging
40F574 Push 3
411144 Monkey Bars 1
412C54 Monkey Bars 2
41BEF4 Monkey Bars 3

E-102 Gamma

Address Description
20E344 standing
210B6C standing -> figthing pose?
211DB4 figthing pose?
214CDC walk1
217BC4 walk2
21AECC walk -> wheel mode
21CAE4 wheel mode
21D31C arm shot?
21DB74 more shooting anim
21E39C shoot to one side
21EDA4 more shooting anim
21F5CC shoot up
21FDF4  ???
2216BC jump
223024 spring flight
224C6C spring flight -> falling
2267B4 falling
22837C Landing
22B4E4 W. mode braking
22E67C W. mode turn around
230144 turn around
235814 standing -> Hover mode
239564 wheel mode -> Hover mode
23CA0C  ???
23E0FC Hover mode
23F944 Standing -> Holding tree
2410EC Shaking tree
243FA4 Push (loop)
246E5C push?
2497E4 pull
29C3CC jump with object
29D8B4 flight with object
29F42C  ???
2A0BD4 falling with object
2A279C landing with object
2A760C holding object -> Hover m.
2AA14C W. mode with obj-> Hover
2AB67C Hover mode with object
2ADF04 pick up object
2B0E1C walk 1 with object
2B3D14 walk 2 with object
2B6CCC walk -> wheel m.with object
2B83F4 wheel m. with object
2BB51C brake wheel m. with object
2BE4D4 turn wheel m. with obj
24AD8C standing with obj
2557D4 throw object?
259E7C Toss object
25BD04 falling -> rocket flight
25D53C rocket flight loop
25D73C aiming (laser sight model)
24DB84  ???
250D3C shoting?
2C1DBC climbing ladder
265A84 Win level
26FAB4 Win -> Standing
275D9C death
278FB4 hurt
27FBCC Hurt landing
283264  ???
28731C look around
29693C Pet chao
297794 Pet chao loop
298CDC Stop petting chao
29AA74 Whistle
2946DC lean Forwards
295944 lean Backwards


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