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SCHG: Sonic Adventure
2004 PC
2010 PC

Listing of LandTable locations

Name File Address Key
Hedgehog Hammer STG00.bin BA8 C900000
Emerald Coast 1 STG01.bin 81554 C900000
Emerald Coast 2 STG01.bin DEB60 C900000
Emerald Coast 3 STG01.bin 11DD58 C900000
Windy Valley 1 STG02.bin D7E0 C900000
Windy Valley 2 STG02.bin DB40 C900000
Windy Valley 3 STG02.bin F274 C900000
Twinkle Park 1 STG03.bin 1788C C900000
Twinkle Park 2 STG03.bin 19344 C900000
Twinkle Park 3 STG03.bin 19F5C C900000
Speed Highway 1 STG04.bin 1853C C900000
Speed Highway 2 STG04.bin 19178 C900000
Speed Highway 3 STG04.bin 1B08C C900000
Red Mountain 1 STG05.bin 18CB8 C900000
Red Mountain 2 STG05.bin 1A8FC C900000
Red Mountain 3 STG05.bin 1E358 C900000
Sky Deck 1 STG06.bin 1F018 C900000
Sky Deck 2 STG06.bin 21094 C900000
Sky Deck 3 STG06.bin 23EB4 C900000
Lost World 1 STG07.bin D560 C900000
Lost World 2 STG07.bin 63A6C C900000
Lost World 3 STG07.bin F928C C900000
Ice Cap 1 STG08.bin 14B44 C900000
Ice Cap 2 STG08.bin 15714 C900000
Ice Cap 3 STG08.bin 180B4 C900000
Ice Cap 4 STG08.bin 19950 C900000
Casinopolis 1 STG09.bin 25EAC C900000
Casinopolis 2 STG09.bin 6C0B4 C900000
Casinopolis 3 STG09.bin AF120 C900000
Casinopolis 4 STG09.bin D8440 C900000
Final Egg 1 STG10.bin 1D108 C900000
Final Egg 2 STG10.bin 83CCC C900000
Final Egg 3 STG10.bin E67D0 C900000
Hot Shelter 1 STG12.bin 1970C C900000
Hot Shelter 2 STG12.bin 5277C C900000
Hot Shelter 3 STG12.bin B0DA4 C900000
Chaos 0 B_CHAOS0.bin 1D8 C900000
Chaos 2 B_CHAOS2.bin 28C C900000
Chaos 4 B_CHAOS4.bin 238 C900000
Chaos 6 (Sonic) B_CHAOS6.bin 318 C900000
Chaos 6 (Knuckles) B_CHAOS6.bin 33C C900000
Perfect Chaos B_CHAOS7.bin 1214 C900000
Egg Hornet B_EGM1.bin 128 C900000
Egg Walker B_EGM2.bin 22C C900000
Egg Viper B_EGM3.bin 580F4 C900000
ZERO B_ROBO.bin 110 C900000
E-101 Beta B_E101.bin 68 C900000
E-101mkII B_E101_R.bin 180 C900000
Station Square City Hall ADV00.bin 157F4 C900000
Station Square Casino ADV00.bin 738F4 C900000
Station Square Sewer ADV00.bin C21F0 C900000
Station Square Station ADV00.bin DCEBC C900000
Station Square Hotel ADV00.bin 135A90 C900000
Station Square Twinkle Park ADV00.bin 1573CC C900000
Egg Carrier Deck ADV0100.bin 162260 C920000
Egg Carrier Deck (Front) ADV0100.bin 1631F0 C920000
Egg Carrier Deck (Back) ADV0100.bin 163CE8 C920000
Egg Carrier Captain's Room ADV0100.bin 1650C8 C920000
Egg Carrier Private Room ADV0100.bin 165830 C920000
Egg Carrier Pool ADV0100.bin 1666F4 C920000
Egg Carrier Ammunition Room ADV0130.bin 2C64C C900000
Egg Carrier Main Hall ADV0130.bin 2D7B0 C900000
Egg Carrier Hedgehog Hammer ADV0130.bin 2E1D0 C900000
Egg Carrier Prison ADV0130.bin 2EDB8 C900000
Egg Carrier Reservoir ADV0130.bin 2F7A8 C900000
Egg Carrier Teleporter ADV0130.bin 2FE44 C900000
Mystic Ruins Main Area ADV02.bin 17960 C900000
Mystic Ruins Angel Island ADV02.bin 9E7B0 C900000
Mystic Ruins Jungle ADV02.bin 178 C900000
Mystic Ruins Final Egg ADV02.bin 19C C900000
Past Village ADV03.bin 278 C900000
Past Shrine ADV03.bin 29C C900000
Past Flaming Shrine ADV03.bin 2C0 C900000
Twinkle Circuit MINICART.bin 1A3C C900000
Twinkle Circuit 1 MINICART.bin 2F78 C900000
Twinkle Circuit 2 MINICART.bin 434C C900000
Twinkle Circuit 3 MINICART.bin 566C C900000
Twinkle Circuit 4 MINICART.bin 6674 C900000
Twinkle Circuit 5 MINICART.bin 78BC C900000
Sand Hill SBOARD.bin 2DEC C900000
Station Square Chao Garden AL_GARDEN00.bin 11DD4 CB80000
Egg Carrier Chao Garden AL_GARDEN01.bin DF3C CB80000
Mystic Ruins Chao Garden AL_GARDEN02.bin FD3C CB80000
Chao Race Entry AL_RACE.bin 270 CB80000
Chao Race AL_RACE.bin E64 CB80000


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