Chase After the Hero Sonic!

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Sonic X episode #14
"Chase After the Hero Sonic!"
Written by:
Directed by: Keiko Oyamada
Production no.: 014
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
New ending sequence with Sonic and Amy.

Chase After the Hero Sonic! is the 14th episode of first season of Sonic X, and features a new ending theme: "The Shining Road" performed by Aya Hiroshige. In the English dub, it is known as That's What Friends Are For.

Episode summary

Following last week's defeat of Dr. Eggman, Sonic has become a popular public figure. Jerome Wise is concerned that the President's popularity may fall and Sonic could end up becoming the next President. He devises a plan to hold a charity party where the President will be photographed shaking hands with Sonic.

Sonic receives an invitation to the party, but doesn't bother reading it. Chris and the others decide they will go anyway. Sonic declines to go because he promised Helen, a disabled girl who is Chris' classmate, he'd take to an island in a lake where many white flowers grow. He rushes off to borrow Chuck's boat.

Later, at the White House, the gang arrive at the party and are greeted by Jerome Wise, who becomes agitated when he notices Sonic is missing. The press start to leave and Wise convinces them to stay a little longer, then orders some agents to force Sonic to come to the party. The government agents go to the mansion, but Sonic isn't there and they get beaten up by Mr. Tanaka. Wise instructs the military to track and apprehend Sonic.

Sonic arrives at the lake with a boat, after evading the police and the army. As they row towards the island, Helen laments the fact that her father, Douglas, couldn't take her there himself due to the number of hours he works to support her. A military helicopter shows up and fires a grappling hook at the boat in order to tow it back to shore. Sonic uses the rope to swing him and Helen onto the island. They escape into the woods and manage to lose the army before finding a field of white flowers.

The army soon finds Sonic and Helen, so Sonic steals their helicopter. On their way home, Helen suggests he visits the President, at least for a short while. They go to the White House and Sonic shakes hands with the President, but the reporters and photographers have fallen asleep, much to Jerome Wise's annoyance.

Helen goes home and enthusiastically tells her parents about her day. Her father decides to cut back on his work hours to spend more time with her.

Character debuts

  • Helen (first speaking part; seen in background in several previous episodes)
  • Douglas (Helen's father)
  • Helen's mother

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