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This page has a list of articles for Sonic Adventure, and covers short magazine articles not deserving of their own page.

File Date Source Title and comments
CVG UK Freeplay 15.pdf "The Red-Hot Rumours Division!"
Brief mention of a new 3D Sonic game by Sonic Team. The writer suggests this is the return of Sonic X-treme, but given the timeframe it is more likely to be Sonic Adventure.
SSM JP 19980821 1998-24.pdf
SSM JP 19980911 1998-25.pdf SSM JP 19980911 1998-25.pdf
CVG UK 202.pdf "Sonic Coming to Dreamcast!"
Single page showing the first piece of Sonic Adventure artwork. The text mentions new playable characters.
GamersRepublic US 04.pdf "Sonic Booms with 128 Bit Dreamcast Title!"
SSM JP 19980925 1998-26.pdf
SSM JP 19981009 1998-28.pdf
CVG UK 203.pdf "First Look at Sonic Adventure"
Four-page preview of the game.
CVG UK 203.pdf "Sonic Adventure Rocks the World"
One-page article about Sonic Adventure's 22nd August 1998 presentation at the Tokyo International Forum Hall, with an appearance by programmer Yuji Naka.
EGM US 112.pdf EGM US 112.pdf

Electronic Gaming Monthly (US)
SuperGamePower BR 055.pdf "Pré Estréia: Sonic Adventure"
SSM UK 36.pdf SSM UK 36.pdf "Sonic's Back!"
The UK's Sega Saturn magazine get excited about the prospect of Sonic Adventure, devoting 11 pages to the subject, complete with extended preview and interview with Yuji Naka. There is a gap between pages 8 and 14.
Edge UK 063.pdf "Cutting Edge: Sega Unveils Sonic Adventure"
GamersRepublic US 05.pdf "Sonic Adventure"
SSM JP 19981016 1998-29.pdf
SSM JP 19981023 1998-30.pdf
SSM JP 19981030 1998-31.pdf
SSM JP 19981030 1998-31.pdf
CVG UK 204.pdf "New Games: Sonic Adventure"
Short article about the game, said to be 90% complete.
SegaMagazin DE 60.pdf SegaMagazin DE 60.pdf "Preview: Sonic Adventure"
GamePro US 122.pdf "Overseas Preview: Sonic Returns for the Dreamcast"
Hyper AU 061.pdf "News: Sonic Adventure Unveiled!"
DCM JP 19981120 1998-01.pdf DCM JP 19981120 1998-01.pdf
DCM JP 19981127 1998-02.pdf
DCM JP 19981204 1998-03.pdf
CVG UK 205.pdf "Sonic Adventure"
Single page preview of the game, stated to be 85% complete at time of writing.
Arcade UK 01.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic Adventure"
DCM JP 19981211 1998-04.pdf
DCM JP 19981218 1998-05.pdf
DCM JP 19981225 1998-06.pdf
DCM JP 19990101 1999-01.pdf DCM JP 19990101 1999-01.pdf
DCM JP 19990108 1999-02.pdf
CVG UK 206.pdf "New Games: Sonic Adventure"
Short article about the game.
Arcade UK 02.pdf "Sonic Adventure"
DCM JP 19990122 1999-03.pdf
DCM JP 19990122 1999-03.pdf
DCM JP 19990205 1999-04.pdf
SegaMagazin DE 63.pdf "Preview: Sonic Adventure"
SuperGamePower BR 059.pdf SuperGamePower BR 059.pdf "Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure"
Edge UK 068.pdf "Test Screen: Sonic Adventure"
GamePro US 125.pdf "Sneak Previews: Sonic Adventure"
Arcade UK 03.pdf "Sonic Adventure"
Arcade UK 03.pdf "New Dreamcast Games: Sonic Boom - Hedgehogging the Limelight"
TotalControl UK 04.pdf "Foreign Office: Sonic Adventure"
DCM JP 19990212 1999-05.pdf
DCM JP 19990219 1999-06.pdf
DCM JP 19990226 1999-07.pdf
DCM JP 19990305 1999-08.pdf
CVG UK 208.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic Adventure"
Four-page article about the game, covering a variety of topics including the mini-games, VMU features and A-life.
SegaMagazin DE 64.pdf SegaMagazin DE 64.pdf "Review: Sonic Adventure"
Hyper AU 065.pdf Hyper AU 065.pdf "Previews: Sonic Adventure"
DCM JP 19990312 1999-09.pdf
DCM JP 19990319 1999-10.pdf
DCM JP 19990326 1999-11.pdf
DCM JP 19990402 1999-11ex.pdf
CVG UK 209.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic Adventure"
One and a half-page article about the game, covering the Master Emerald plot, Windy Valley and the NiGHTS mini-game in Casinopolis.
ODCM US 01.pdf ODCM US 01.pdf "Profile: Yuji Naka"
The US Official Dreamcast Magazine debuted with extensive coverage of Sonic Adventure, starting with this two-page interview with Yuji Naka.
ODCM US 01.pdf "Supertest: Sonic Adventure"
Then, a review. Writer Francesca Reyes scores the game scores 9/10.
ODCM US 01.pdf "How To...: Sonic Adventure"
And finally, some tips on how to obtain all the emblems in the game.
AcaoGames BR 143.pdf AcaoGames BR 143.pdf "Sonic Adventures"
CVG UK 215.pdf "Dreamcast Special: Sonic Adventure"
A two-page review of Sonic Adventure in issue 215 of UK-based magazine Computer & Video Games, dated October 1999, shortly after the game's European release. Reviewer Alex Huhtala gives the game 5 out of 5.
GamePro US 133.pdf GamePro US 133.pdf "Dreamcast ProReviews: Sonic Adventure"
GamePro US 133.pdf "Pro Strategy Guide: Sonic Adventure"
CVG UK 216.pdf "Masterclass: Sonic Adventure"
Five-page article, consisting of tips for playing as each of the six characters, as well as how to use the A-life minigame.
SegaMagazin DE 72.pdf SegaMagazin DE 72.pdf "Sonic Adventure"
Dreamplanet ES 00.pdf Dreamplanet ES 00.pdf "Brujula: Sonic Adventure"
Short walkthrough of Emerald Coast in the preview edition of Dreamplanet. The full game would be covered over the following two months.
Hyper AU 073.pdf Hyper AU 073.pdf "Reviews: Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure"
Arcade UK 12.pdf Arcade UK 12.pdf "New Dreamcast Games: Sonic Adventure"
CVG UK 218.pdf "100 Greatest Games of All Time"
Sonic Adventure is placed as the 30th best game of all time.
CVG UK 219.pdf "Your Tips: Sonic Adventure"
Short paragraph detailing how to access the hidden wallpaper on the game disc, how to change the view on Twinkle Park, and how to play as Super Sonic.
DLMO FR 03.pdf "Aide de Jeu: Sonic Adventure"
CVG UK 240.pdf "100 Best Games Ever: Sonic Adventure"
Short paragraph placing the game as the 75th best ever.

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