Fourth Dimension Space

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Fourth Dimension Space
Shuffle FourthDimension.png
Fourth Dimension Space
Fifth board, Sonic Shuffle
Location: Maginaryworld
Level theme: outer space
Non-English names:
Riot Train

Fourth Dimension Space, abbreviated as Fourth DimensionMedia:SonicShuffle DC US manual.pdf[2] in the manual, is the fifth and final board in Sonic Shuffle, and the realm where the dreams of everyone are stored. Upon arriving by airplane, the heroes discover that the whole domain will cease to exist unless Void is stopped, so they set out the gather the remaining Precioustones.


The entire board is built on the inside of a giant sphere with stars flying about and the structure being a labyrinth of irregular pathways, making traversing a tricky affair. The board loops due to its spherical design, so if a player continually moves forward in one direction, they will loop back to where they started. This is also the most graphically intensive board in the game, so much that the already-excessive load times that Sonic Shuffle is infamous for are made somewhat longer.


Falling stars will periodically bop random characters on the head and accompany them. A player with a star must return it to its rightful home in one of the constellations to qualify for an Emblem. This is the only quest that can be performed more than once per game.

Accident Mini-Games

Shuffle finalfrontier.png
Final Frontier
Everyone stands on a square platform. More platforms come from the top while the ones on the bottom go away. The centers of the platforms open up that either give a blast of fire that will make you lose rings or shoot a small fountain of rings or a Forcejewel. If you fall off the platforms, you'll pop out of the center of a platform while losing rings. Whoever collects the most rings gets 20 bonus rings; second gets 10, while third gets 5.
Shuffle voidbattle.png
Void Battle (Stage Clear)
The longest mini game, with Void as a huge creature that is out to take your rings. Everyone is on a platform with a smaller raised platform in the center. Void goes around attacking people. In the meantime, there are a bunch of switches on the platform. Two light up at one time. If you are the first to jump on one of the switches, Void will throw rings in your direction. Rings get sprinkled around the area as well as rocks that can hurt you. Void's attacks include smashing the ground to create shockwaves, zapping one person, stomping on people and so on. The game ends when the lit switches are hit 16 times and the big center switch gets lit. When you see Void toss rings, you can steal them by jumping up to grab them. Sometimes they don't even land on the switch.



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