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Shoddy Work
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Shoddy Work
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: 2 VS 2

Shoddy Work is a 2 VS 2 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


Two teams of two must create a 'perfect' piece of architecture with various blocks. The player on top presses A to pick a block, uses the Analog Stick to rotate it and can either press A to drop the block or press B to reject it. The bottom player is holding a wooden pallet with the outline of the shape on top and must catch the falling blocks with it. They can move the stack left and right to place the block in the desired place. Jumping will result in the last piece that was placed to fly up for repositioning. A shape can be rejected by either moving all the way to one side or jumping twice. The object is to fill the outline with the falling blocks. The outline doesn't need to be filled completely—just the trim. However, filling it in will make placing the blocks for the top area easier.

Both teams have 60 seconds to build as much as they can. When time is up, a giant Dr. Eggman will come by to judge both creations, and will destroy the one that is less similar to the original shape. The winners receive 20 Rings each. The outlines range from simple squares to difficult angled patterns. Available blocks for the pattern are a yellow square, a large red rectangle, a blue triangle, a small green rectangle, and a smaller green rectangle.


Two players must work together to fill the outlined area with blocks. Eggman will destroy your work if it doesn't match.

— Game Rules

You don't have to fill up the space, as long as your blocks match the outline.

— Advice


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