Riot Train

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Riot Train
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Riot Train
Fourth board, Sonic Shuffle
Location: Maginaryworld
Level theme: desert/western
Non-English names:
Nature Zone | Fourth Dimension Space

Riot Train is the fourth board in Sonic Shuffle. It is a location within Maginaryworld born from the dreams of those who enjoy the thrill of adventures, and the dream world of Sonic. During his pursuit of the Precioustone, Void's darkness throws the raging locomotive off-course, and it's going to fly off a cliff and crash unless Sonic and his friends stop it.


Players will be travelling around the train in pursuit of the Precioustones, and have the ability to push containers off of the roof to block paths below. As time passes, new train cars will crash into the train from behind, expanding the board. If players land on a Helicopter space, a helicopter will appear to transport them to another space on the train.

When Sonic and friends finally stop the train, its shell breaks off, revealing its true colours being metallic silver, along with wings to allow it to continue its journey without having to stick to the tracks.


By landing on the Quest space, a player is given the task of rescuing a small bird from a cage. By doing so, they can win one of the all-important Emblems.

Accident Mini-Games

Shuffle thruthetunnel.png
Thru the Tunnel
This game is similar to Sky Bridge. Everyone starts on the last car of a train and the object is to run to the first car. Press Up to move forward and down to duck under obstacles; press A to jump to grab rings. As the race continues, the back cars start to come off. Hitting an obstacle will set you back a few feet. If you are hanging off the end of a car, repeatedly press A to climb back on. The person who reaches the front car first wins 20 rings. Anyone still in the race at that time win 10 rings while anyone that fell off loses 10. If everyone fell off, no one loses rings.
Shuffle ringlasso.png
Ring Lasso
Everyone stands on a train while another one passes by. The doors open, revealing up to 8 treasures with either a direction or a button letter underneath it. Just press the direction or button to grab the corresponding treasure. You can grab as many as 3 times before the doors close and another car comes by with more treasures. The bigger the bag, the more rings are inside. Sometimes a Forcejewel is present. No bonus is awarded.
Shuffle stopthetrain.png
Stop the Train (Stage Clear)
The train is out of control and everyone has to push it to stop. When the train has the blue light on, repeatedly press B. If the red light is on, mash button A. If you don't press the correct button or any button, you lose rings but if you do mash the right button, you'll win rings depending on how fast you are pressing it. Whoever wins the most rings by the time the train stops wins the game. If everyone refuses to push, the train will eventually stop right where the track ends. The time it takes to stop the train does matter on how good everyone's button mashing is.



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