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Sonic Live
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Sonic Live
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: VS 4

Sonic Live is a VS 4 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


All four players are standing on a concert stage, each with a guitar in their characters' hands. The spotlight will shine down on one of the players, and that player must press either A, B, X, or Y to strum their guitar and get Rings from the audience. Players must not perform when the spotlight is not on them—doing so will cause the audience to throw trash at them, making them lose Rings. Twenty bonus Rings are awarded for the character who gets the most Rings at the end of the performance.


Get rockin! Play the guitar only when the spotlight's on you. Be careful not to get booed!

— Game Rules

Get with the rhythm! Learn the riffs, and just play the riffs to the music. Let's rock and roll!

— Advice


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