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Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: 1 VS 3

Gargantua is a 1 VS 3 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


Dr. Eggman will hover above the solo player in his Egg Mobile and zap them with a growth ray, causing them to become about four times bigger than normal. The solo player must then crush all three team players to eliminate them by jumping or stepping on them, while the other three try to shoot them down without getting stepped on.

Each of the team players is armed with a shooter. When near the giant, "SHOOT!" will flash on their screen, so they must aim at the giant and press and hold A to shoot. If they get too close to the giant, "DANGER!" will flash on their screen, so they must move to a safe distance. The giant is capable of jumping, which will create a shockwave that stuns nearby shooters. Mines will explode at times, which can hurt the giant and stun the shooters.

If all of the shooters are crushed or the shooters run out of time, the giant wins 20 Rings plus an additional 10 for each player crushed for a maximum payout of 50 Rings, with the shooters losing 10 if they have been crushed. If the giant's life bar is fully depleted, each shooter wins 10 Rings plus an additional 10 if they did not get crushed.


1 of the players will be transformed into a giant. The rest must defeat the giant while avoiding being stepped on!

— Game Rules

If you see a countdown, watch out! When the number reaches 0, a mine will explode!

— Advice


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