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Sonic Tank
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Sonic Tank
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: VS 4

Sonic Tank is a VS 4 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


Everyone is riding tanks in a square arena with two columns. Move around with the Analog Stick and press A to shoot. The L and R triggers can be pressed to slide left and right, but a player will be unable to shoot while doing this. Dr. Eggman will come by and drop bonus items, such as a laser blast or shield, as well as bombs, which should be avoided. Each player has a life meter, with their tank being destroyed should it deplete completely.

A player receives 10 Rings for each tank destroyed. When time is up, whoever has the most life (or who is left standing) wins 10 Rings, with second getting 5, third losing 5 and fourth losing 10. If more than one player's tank is destroyed, places are judged on when the person was removed, with the first player to be destroyed placing last.


Battle it out in a tank! Defeat the others and be the last one alive to receive a bonus!

— Game Rules

Eggman will drop power-up items, but be careful--he also drops bombs!

— Advice


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