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Sonic the Thief
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Sonic the Thief
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: 2 VS 2

Sonic the Thief is a 2 VS 2 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


Two teams of two players must race each other through a series of locked doors by cracking the codes. The left person tries to crack a safe by choosing one of eight numbers by rotating the Analog Stick until they see an exclamation point appearing over their character's head when the have the right direction. The player on the right must then press A to open the door. At first, players will only have to crack one number, but they will eventually deal with doors that require two or three numbers to be found, so the right person has to press A each time the left person finds the correct number. If the right person presses A when the left person doesn't have the exclamation point over their character's head, both will get shocked and have to start over from the first number on that door.

When 60 seconds are up, the team that opened the most doors will win 20 Rings for each player. Ties are common.


Open the door by turning the dial and pulling the switch. When the (!) appears, that's the correct combination.

— Game Rules

If you pull the lever on a wrong number, all the numbers on the dial will be reset. Hurry, but be careful!

— Advice


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