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Sonic Slot
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Sonic Slot
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Play Order

Sonic Slot is a Play Order mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played at the beginning of a Versus Mode session to determine turn order.


Each player plays on a slot machine that first displays 999, then rapidly counts down. The objective is to press A with good timing to stop the slots as close as possible to 000 without going under. Whoever is closest to 000 will be first in the turn order, with the player furthest away placing last. If a player waits for too long, their slot machine will malfunction, and that player will automatically place last.


Let's decide the playing order! Stop the slot machine as close to "000" as you can!

— Game Rules

Be careful you don't pass "000" on the Slot Machine or you'll be in last place!

— Advice


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