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Sky Bridge
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Sky Bridge
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Accident

Sky Bridge is an Accident mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It can randomly occur by accident in Fire Bird.


In this mini-game, everyone stands on top of the Fire Bird as it flies under bridges. Players should press Down to duck when a bridge passes by, and press A to jump and collect Rings that are in the air. These Rings are very dangerous to get, so players should jump as little as possible so that they land back on the plane right away instead of getting slammed by a bridge. Some Rings only require standing up to get.

Players are awarded 20 Rings for surviving the flight, and lose 10 Rings if they fall off. The Rings aren't worth dying for so if a player stays in a ducking position the whole time, they are guaranteed to win the 20-Ring bonus.


Jump to collect the rings, but duck to avoid the low bridges!

— Instruction displayed when the mini-game begins


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