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Sonic Parasol
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Sonic Parasol
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Accident

Sonic Parasol is an Accident mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It can randomly occur by accident in Emerald Coast.


This mini-game has all four characters and one parasol on a beach with a sun bearing Dr. Eggman's face. When the sun gets too bright, everyone has to take cover in the shade or else they will lose Rings. Only one person can be under the parasol at a time. A player should walk up to it to pick it up if it is on the ground, but if someone is holding it, they should walk under it and jump to force it out of their hands.

There are crabs and hermit crabs walking around that will cause players to lose Rings if they hit them. If the player with the parasol hits a crab, they drop the parasol. When the crabs start to hide under the sand, that means that the sun will get bright soon. When the sun is bright, it will shower Rings and sometimes a Forcejewel onto the beach. The player with the parasol can usually get all of the Rings; the other three have to wait under the canopy until the sun gets less bright. The player with the parasol moves slightly slower than the rest.

Whoever gets the most Rings before time is up wins a bonus of 20 Rings, with second getting 10 and third getting 5.


Get the parasol to stay in the shade and collect the rings!

— Instruction displayed when the mini-game begins


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