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Fun Fun Sonic
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Fun Fun Sonic
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: VS 4

Fun Fun Sonic is a VS 4 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


Everyone is jumping on trampolines on a game show set, and they must use the Analog Stick to move to another trampoline. Players can go only as far as two trampolines away from the one they are bouncing on. As a trampoline is jumped on, it changes color, going from blue to cyan to green to yellow to pink and to red. When a red trampoline is bounced on, it will break, and the player that breaks it will be awarded Rings based on what the trampoline's starting color was. Blue is worth 6, cyan is worth 5 and so on. If two people hit a red trampoline at the same time, the person who hits it second collects the Rings. Any players who fall through a ripped trampoline will be removed from the mini-game.

At random occasions during the game, Dr. Eggman starts a special feature:

  • All Members Revive: All eliminated players are brought back into the game.
  • Challenge Time: All trampoline rips award twice or thrice the normal value.
  • Crazy Ring: Rings shower everywhere.
  • Iron Ball: Spiked balls fall on some of the trampolines. Players will lose Rings if they get hit by them.
  • Tub: Everyone gets hit by a tub and loses Rings.

When 45 seconds are up, all players keep the Rings they have earned, plus 20 bonus Rings if they survive but lose 10 if they don't. Only two special rounds show up if one is a double or triple score round.


Jump and rip the trampolines to get rings! But if you fall through a ripped trampoline, you're out!

— Game Rules

A red trampoline will rip on the next jump. The more jumps it takes to rip a trampoline, the more rings you get!

— Advice


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