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Sky Diving
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Sky Diving
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Stage Clear

Sky Diving is a Stage Clear mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is played after all of the Precioustones have been collected in Fire Bird.


The Fire Bird self-destructs at the beginning of the mini-game, forcing everyone to bail and sky-dive towards a hot air balloon. While falling, players can press Up to fall down more quickly, Down to fall down more slowly, and use Left and Right to move clockwise or counter clockwise. Clouds slow players down while vortexes give speed boosts. If two players bump into each other, they will both slow down, so if they are about to collide with each other, they should move left or right. They will lose speed, but not as much as getting hit. Players should also try to collect as many Rings as they can while falling.

The first player to hit the balloon at the bottom of the fall wins the mini-game and will be awarded an Emblem.


Sky dive and head for the hot air balloon, while collecting rings!

Lumina Flowlight at the start of the mini-game


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