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Sonic Tag
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Sonic Tag
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: VS 4

Sonic Tag is a VS 4 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


This game of tag is a four-way split screen where all four players are in an arena with a pyramid in the center. One player is marked "IT" by an Eggman symbol above their head and can't collect Rings. Tagging another player will make that player "IT". At two corners there are Springs. Hitting a Spring will bounce a player to the top of the pyramid, where a gong that dispenses Rings can be hit by flying into it. The player that is "IT" can use the arrow above their character's head to find the nearest victim to tag.

When 60 seconds are up, whoever is "IT" at the end gets abducted and doesn't win 20 Rings, but all remaining players will.


It's a game of Tag! If you're IT, Eggman won't let you pick up any rings.

— Game Rules

When the gong on the tower is hit, rings will fall! Hit the spring head-on to jump and hit the gong!

— Advice


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