Sonic Shuffle (prototype; 2001-01-11)

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Sonic Shuffle (prototype; 2001-01-11)
Prerelease of: Sonic Shuffle
System: Sega Dreamcast
Build date: 2001-01-11
Source: GD-R
Found by: Laurent[1]

The 2001-01-11 prototype of Sonic Shuffle is a late PAL localisation prototype of Sonic Shuffle for the Sega Dreamcast. It claims to have been built on January 11, 2001.

This prototype was given to Sega Europe to test the game before its release, and as such has a debugger which can be activated by holding the Y button while the game is loading. A performance bar is also displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Aside from these, there are next to no differences from the final game.


The disc was discovered by user Laurent and dumped as part of a Dreamcast GD-R beta release thread on February 12, 2019.[1]

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