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Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Metallic Madness Zone
Hits to defeat: 3 (Eggman robots), 1 (Amy robot)

Gachapandora is the eleventh major boss encountered in Sonic Mania, confronted at the end of Metallic Madness Zone Act 2.


Just before the boss arena, a red laser shrinks the player, and they proceed to fight the boss in miniature form.

Once the player enters the arena, Dr. Eggman flies the Gachapandora down from the top of the screen to hover above the arena floor. In glass tubes on either side of its body are 8 gachapon vending machine capsules, containing one of three small robots:

  • A tiny version of the Marble Zone boss from Sonic the Hedgehog that - in addition to using the same fireballs as the original - occasionally swoops near the ground. Explodes in 3 hits.
  • A tiny version of Drill Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Takes 3 hits to defeat.
  • A tiny, robotic copy of Amy Rose, which attempts to grab/"hug" the player, exploding after a few seconds. The player will harmlessly bounce off the doll if they try to jump on it while it is jumping, so a spindash is the most effective way to destroy it.

The player cannot damage the machine itself directly; however, jumping into the knob on Gachapandora's body will turn it and release one gachapon capsule, which will fall to the ground and split open releasing the robot inside. Each robot takes three hits to destroy. Once all the capsules have been released, the Gachapandora flies off-screen until all the remaining robots are destroyed. When no robots remain, the Gachapandora returns having taken damage - the glass tubes on its sides have broken off, with damaging sparks emitting from where they were attached. Jumping into the release knob one more time will eject Dr. Eggman himself from the cockpit, fatally wounding the machine and forcing Eggman to flee; the player can then run to the right to find a blue growth laser, followed by the Capsule.


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  • Releasing all 8 capsules without destroying any of the tiny robots will earn the player the "Collect 'Em All" achievement. The description, "Gotta gacha 'em all", is a reference to the tagline for Nintendo's Pok√©mon franchise.
  • The design of the Amy robots takes some cues from Sonic R's Tails Doll, featuring the same round, blank eyes and red-tipped antenna.
  • The design of the Gachapandora machine appears very similar to the boss of Chaotix's Botanic Base.


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