Botanic Base

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Botanic Base
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Botanic Base
Level, Chaotix
Number of Acts: 5
Level theme: jungle
Boss: Botanic Base Boss
Prerequisite: Isolated Island
Non-English names:

Botanic Base is a level in Chaotix. The level is an oversized greenhouse, and some Badniks are modeled after plants. Doors in the level allow access to hallways leading behind the stage.

This level is considered to be the easiest in the series, and it is possible to finish the first act within seconds. However, there are several traps, like colliding platforms and closed doors. This level does also feature an elevator, like Speed Slider and Techno Tower.

The graphics change from stage to stage in this level, showing the plant life growing each time. Some notable graphic changes include moss growing on the fountain concrete.

At the end of Botanic Base 5, Robotnik holds the partner in the air with a large claw, leaving the player suspended by Ring Power. Robotnik flies around below, electrifying his machine to try to harm the hanging player. The battle ends when the machine is destroyed and the Dark Ring Within disintegrates.


Zip through the loops, over collapsing bridges and past fountains in this natural attraction. Bushy Badniks hide dangerous spikes.

Chaotix US manualMedia:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[4]


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