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General bugs

Characters spin facing right

While jumping animations are correct, Mighty, Knuckles, Vector and Espio face right when rolling on the floor, either after a Spin Dash or by pressing Down while moving. Because the animation spins clockwise, this means the characters appear to be performing backwards rolls.

Not fixed in any version.

Throw upside down

Chaotix 32X ThrowUpsideDown.png

Have a player throw their partner while facing downwards (such as running down a quarter pipe) and the throwing animation will be drawn upside down.

Not fixed in any version.

Misaligned Bomb and Heavy animations

Chaotix 32X BombCorners.png
Chaotix 32X HeavyCorners.png

Bomb and Heavy do not align properly with curved corners.

Not fixed in any version.

Partner stuck in scenery

Chaotix 32X WallStuck.png
A boat ride in Marina Madness can lodge your partner in a wall.

There are many situations where a connected partner can get stuck in walls and scenery, forcing the player to recall the character and lose Rings.

Not fixed in any version.

Incorrect clocks

Chaotix 32X Comparison WorldEntrance Outside.png
Starting the game in the morning. It's 4½ o'clock.
Chaotix 32X AA TimeClock.png
But it's 10 o'clock in Amazing Arena. Press the switch to make it 12...
Chaotix 32X WorldEntrance Day.png
... and when you finish the level, it'll be 10½ o'clock.

Chaotix has a time of day system, where completing a level advances the in-game clock by three hours (making eight different times of day in total). Amazing Arena allows the player to advance the clock by six hours instead, ensuring palette and minor layout changes in the next level. However, the Amazing Arena clocks only show time advancing by two hours (starting and ending at the wrong time), while the World Entrance clock does not accurately represent time.

Not fixed in any version.

Incorrect demo inputs

Chaotix 32X Demo1.png

The first rolling demo, seen if Chaotix is left on the title screen for too long, sees Vector paired with Bomb in Techno Tower Level 2, however compared to the other four demos the movement here is strange and erratic, with Vector spending several seconds stuck climbing into a corner. It is possible the stored inputs controlling the characters were meant to be paired with a different level.

Not fixed in any version.

Bad ending bug

Sometimes, in the bad ending, the city and fire are glitched.

Not fixed in any version.

Ending bug

Getting fewer than six Chaos Rings might still result in getting the good ending. Additionally, getting all six Chaos Rings might result in the bad ending.

Not fixed in any version.

De-link characters

Getting hit with no Rings in Chaotix causes the partner character to temporarily disappear, making the game play more like its traditional Mega Drive counterparts. If the player then interacts with an object that is designed to transport the player across part of the map (for example, the ships in Marina Madness or the drill in Techno Tower), the partner will be called back by the game, but remain unconnected when both characters have reached their destination.

This can be "fixed" at any point by pressing A (which causes the partner to return to the main character's side), though if there's a long distance between the two characters, this process can temporarily unhinge the camera and cause temporary weirdness. Getting hit again will result in a Game Over.

Not fixed in any version.

Level-specific bugs

Techno Tower


Chaotix 32X TT Girders.png

Techno Tower's flying girder platforms have incorrect collision, meaning characters stand eight pixels below the surface.

Not fixed in any version.


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