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Localisation comparisons

Chaotix 32X Comparison PALTitle.png
PAL version
Chaotix title.png
NTSC versions

The PAL version of Chaotix operates at a 320x240 screen resolution, rather than the 320x224. This means, unlike the older Mega Drive titles, Chaotix does not have visible borders in Europe and Australia. Some screens have been adjusted to suit the extra 16 rows of pixels - the characters' feet are no longer covered by copyright text, although the sign holding the logo no longer appears to touch the floor.

Chaotix 32X Comparison SpecialStage0 PAL.png
PAL version
Chaotix 32X Comparison SpecialStage0.png
NTSC versions

The optimisations are a mixed bag. While normal stages benefit from the extra screen real estate, the special stages still run with borders, and now the background pokes through the top 4 rows of pixels.

Chaotix 32X Comparison WorldEntrance Outside PAL.png
PAL version
Chaotix 32X Comparison WorldEntrance Outside.png
NTSC versions

And in other parts of the game, where the graphics were drawn with 224 rows in mind, the game again has to reintroduce borders. While screens such as the Sega logo use 8 rows of pixels at the top and bottom of the screen, Newtrogic High Zone introduces a 16 pixel grey border at the bottom of the play area.

Chaotix 32X Comparison BonusStage PAL.png
PAL version
NTSC versions

In other cases, the borders are just superficial. In the bonus stage, the full 320x240 resolution is used, but the background hasn't been adjusted to fill the extra rows.


Chaotix title.png

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