Chaotix (prototype 1229)

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Chaotix Title Beta 2.png
Chaotix (prototype 1229)
Prerelease of: Chaotix
System: Sega 32X
Build date: Dec 30th, 1994
ROM size: 4 MB
Source: CD-R disc
Found by: drx

Chaotix prototype 1229 for the Sega 32X was released by drx during the February 23rd, 2008 proto release. Its compile date is Dec, 30 1994.

NOTE: To play the prototype in Kega Fusion v3.6 and up, the "Fast 32X Timing" option in the 32X configuration tab must be enabled. For older versions of Kega Fusion, a special release, which can play the prototype, was made available here (info) (268 kB).

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File: Knuckles'_Chaotix_(32X)_(Prototype_1229_-_Dec_30,_1994,_15.31)_( (1.84 MB) (info)


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Various differences


  • The US region title screen still says "Featuring Espio the Chameleon" unlike in the final version.
  • To climb walls with Knuckles, you must hold the jump button, otherwise he will jump off the wall (much like Vector in the Final).
  • Knuckles climbing sprites are different.
  • Different end signpost.
  • Different Special Stage art.
  • When you call your partner, your sprite is in front of their's. Heavy looks so much smaller by comparison.
  • When a special stage is successfully completed, the results screen says "Got The Holy Ring" instead of "Got Chaos Ring."


  • Newtrogic High is mostly intact, however the Combi Catcher is not yet working. Instead, the makeshift NPC SELECT screen from Time Attack mode is used after your level is chosen.
  • The light switch is not present in Amazing Arena, nor is the mini-boss. However, you can complete the level regardless.

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