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Crimson Eye
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Crimson Eye
Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Titanic Monarch Zone (mini-boss)
Hits to defeat: 16 (8 per phase)
For the original mini-boss from Sonic & Knuckles' Death Egg Zone, see Red Eye.

Crimson Eye[1][2] is the twelfth mini-boss fought in Sonic Mania, encountered at the end of Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1. It is the final mini-boss fought in the game, and is based on the Red Eye mini-boss from Sonic & Knuckles' Death Egg Zone.


The battle begins when the player enters the giant elevator which serves as the boss arena. Just like the original boss it's based on, a giant eyeball stares at the player from the top of a pillar in the center of the room. As the battle begins, eight balls will drop from the ceiling, spinning and surrounding the pillar and the eye itself. The balls will then lower to the floor, continuing to spin in a widening circle, and giving the player a chance to jump into the widened gaps between them and hit the boss before they rise up to surround the eye once more. As with the original, each hit will make one of the balls explode, shooting spiked projectiles in 8 directions which can damage the player on contact. After eight hits, both the final ball and the pillar itself will explode, and the boss will begin its second phase.

Like Red Eye, the boss will then turn into a self-contained floating unit - however, its subsequent strategy is very different to the original boss. Instead of spawning two platforms, it will arm itself with two turrets and then take control of the elevator itself, forcing it to move up or down at rapid speeds which in turn affects the player's gravity. When the elevator rises, Crimson Eye will be harder to hit as the player's jump height will be reduced; when the elevator drops, the player will become floaty, allowing them to score easier hits on Crimson Eye. The elevator will eventually come to a sudden stop, sending Crimson Eye slamming into either the ceiling or the floor depending on which way the elevator was moving. On impact, it will open fire with both of its turrets, diagonally shooting a stream of 8 projectiles per turret which will bounce off the ceiling and floor.

After eight more hits, Crimson Eye will be destroyed completely. The elevator will then slow down to a complete stop, and a signpost will fall from the ceiling, finishing the Act. Afterwards, the elevator rises to a doorway which the player passes through to enter Act 2.


  2. [Internally named in the PC version's files. Internally named in the PC version's files.]

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