Dive Eggman

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Dive Eggman
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Dive Eggman
Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Hydrocity Zone (mini-boss)
Hits to defeat: 4

Dive Eggman is the seventh mini-boss fought in Sonic Mania, encountered at the end of Hydrocity Zone Act 1. It is an inverse version of the Screw Mobile boss fought in the original version of this Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, where this time the player uses the Screw Mobile to attack Dr. Eggman.


The battle begins when the player enters the cockpit of the Screw Mobile, allowing them to control its movements. The player can steer the Screw Mobile left and right using the D-Pad, and activate the impeller beneath the craft by holding any of the jump buttons.

Dr. Eggman will swim around in the large pool of water beneath the player, occasionally stopping to drop a floating bomb. The player must use the Screw Mobile's impeller to suck Eggman out of the water and up to the impeller itself, which will damage him on contact. He will try to swim away from the plume the player makes, but if successfully sucked in he will be helpless either until he is hit by the impeller or the player releases the jump button. The bombs Eggman drops can also be sucked up by the impeller, and will damage the player should they make contact with the Screw Mobile. The player can destroy these bombs by pressing Down to drop depth charges onto them, though these will not affect Eggman himself.

Once Eggman has been hit by the impeller four times, his wetsuit will be destroyed and he will sink beneath the water. The player can then hover to the right to the signpost and finish the Act.Now here's a hint: stay at either edge when the bomb next to you explodes, activate your impeller, and now the bombs can't reach you!


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