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Spider Mobile
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Spider Mobile
Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Flying Battery Zone
Hits to defeat: 6

The Spider Mobile is the fourth major boss of Sonic Mania, fought at the end of Flying Battery Zone Act 2. Doctor Eggman attacks in a spin attack-proof arachnoid mech, and players must use the surrounding environment to damage him.


The boss is fought on a kind of vertical-scrolling elevator, with the Spider Mobile dangling down from above. The machine's abdomen is a giant bumper sphere, and spin attacking it causes the mecha to swing around on its tether a little - the clue towards its defeat. In order to actually damage the machine, the player must grab onto one of the propeller axles that scrolls past, and throw themselves into the boss that way. This will throw Eggman against the spikes on the opposite wall, counting as a hit. After two propeller axles, there will be spikes on both sides of the arena; at that point, the player can knock the boss into those spikes by jumping from a Spin Dash for added force.

There are several dangers while fighting the boss. Aside from its mandible energy blaster - which will fire three balls of electricity in succession at the player - it's also an easy thing to damage yourself, if you overshoot the machine's abdomen and fly headlong into the spikes that were meant for Eggman. Take great care at the side of the arena too - the spikes descending from above can inflict an unexpected crush death.


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  • Blueprints for this boss can be seen on the wall just before fighting the Big Squeeze in Act 1.
  • Eggman's upside down sprite on the Spider Mobile's cockpit was notably misinterpreted to be a fan-made female character based on Dr. Eggman which received widespread attention by fans, key artists of Sonic Mania and even Sega staff. Fans posted their own artwork, names (including "Eggette", "Omeletta" and "Ovoid Robotnik") and backstory of this character.


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