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==Scrapped Zone Remnants==
==Scrapped Zone Remnants==
There are small remnants of [[Hidden Palace Zone]], [[Wood Zone]], [[Genocide City Zone]], and [[Dust Hill Zone]] in the final game. See the aforementioned level pages for more information.
There are small remnants of [[Hidden Palace Zone]], [[Wood Zone]], [[Genocide City Zone]], and [[Dust Hill Zone]] in the final game. Read more info on each levels respective page.
[[Category:Game secrets|Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)]]
[[Category:Game secrets|Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)]]

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Lost Sprites

Artwork Name Description
Aquatic ruin door.png
ARZ Barrier Unused door barriers from Aquatic Ruin Zone.
Unused Balkiry Frame Unused frame of the Balkiry badnik with landing gear. It's possible that they were originally intended to take off from the Wing Fortress as it passed by. If a Balkiry is selected in debug mode, this sprite will be seen instead of its flying one.
Walking Turtle Walking sprites of the turtles that pop out of the badniks in Sky Chase Zone. Normally you'll never see this, since the animal never has the opportunity to hit the ground.
HPZ Icon Level Select icon for Hidden Palace Zone, which never made it into the final game. The art however, is present in Sonic 3's level select. Pro Action Replay code 0096D8:0303 will cause it to replace the Emerald Hill icon in the Stage Select.
WFZ Laser Large laser shooting through a spinning platform in Wing Fortress Zone. Never seen in-game.
MCZ Ring Platform Weird platform made of rings, placeable using debug mode. It moves back and forth depending on which side you stand on.
WFZ Spinning Pole Weird spinning pole that acts like a badnik - you can destroy it, and it can hurt you, but it doesn't actually move.
S2 static monitor.png
Static or blank TV Monitor Powerup monitor which harms you when broken. Never seen in-game.
Unused Animal Picky, a returning animal from Sonic 1, is present in Death Egg Zone. However, there are no badniks or animal capsules, so he's never seen.
Sonic2-RobotnikLaugh.gif Robotnik Laugh In Death Egg Zone, getting hit with one or more Rings during the Silver Sonic battle causes Robotnik to laugh. However, this is never actually seen outside of debug mode because the Zone has no Rings. In the 2014 mobile remake, this animation can be seen normally if the player dies during the fight.

Unused Score Tally


This configuration of the score tally is unused but was meant for levels with a single act (Sky Chase Zone, etc). It can be made to appear by using debug mode and placing, then breaking a capsule.

Unused Music Track

In the sound test, song $10 is actually a unused song. This has been established to be the music meant for Hidden Palace Zone.

Sonic 1 Sound Effects

There are a few sound effects leftover from Sonic 1 and can be heard in the sound test.

  • 29 - Touching the R, Up, and Down Special Stage blocks.
  • 31 - Scrap Brain Zone electricity.
  • 3A - Touching color changing diamonds in the Special Stage.
  • 43 - Special Stage giant ring entry noise.
  • 47 - Marble Zone chain pulling noise.
  • 49 - End of act bonus point icon.

Unused Sound Effects

Sounds not used anywhere in the game can be heard in the sound test.

  • 38 - Similar to sound 22.
  • 51
  • 52
  • 68 - Similar to sound 69.

True Level Order

The level order that is used during gameplay is actually quite different from the intended order according to the level slots. A simple level select Pro Action Replay code (FFFE10:??00) can be used to verify this:

Order in gameplay Actual
Emerald Hill Zone Emerald Hill Zone (00)
Chemical Plant Zone Metropolis Zone (04/05)
Aquatic Ruin Zone Wing Fortress Zone (06)
Casino Night Zone Hill Top Zone (07)
Hill Top Zone Oil Ocean Zone (0A)
Mystic Cave Zone Mystic Cave Zone (0B)
Oil Ocean Zone Casino Night Zone (0C)
Metropolis Zone Chemical Plant Zone (0D)
Sky Chase Zone Death Egg Zone (0E)
Wing Fortress Zone Aquatic Ruin Zone (0F)
Death Egg Zone Sky Chase Zone (10)

Level slots 01,02,03,05,09 all lead to Emerald Hill Zone and 08 is actually Hidden Palace. In the Simon Wai prototype some of these were used for scrapped levels. 02 was used for Wood Zone and 0E was used for Genocide City Zone.

Commentary found in the Sonic Jam strategy guide reveals that the level order could have been even more different. It states that Chemical Plant Zone was meant to be the 10th zone back when the game was planned as an 18 zone game.

Inaccessible Rings

There are some levels that have rings in places that can't be reached normally. This makes getting a Perfect bonus in these stages impossible.[1]

Image Level Approximate coordinates Description
Sonic2AquaticRuinZone-Rings.png Aquatic Ruin Zone
Act 2
1FA90626 Two horizontally lined rings.
Sonic2CasinoNightZone-Rings.png Casino Night Zone
Act 2
027F00F8 Two groups of seven rings. These are right at the start of the level but cannot be reached with a jump or using nearby objects.
Mystic Cave Zone
Act 2
16050156 + 1712016D Three horizontally lined rings, and a nearby curve of rings, similar to ones found near swings. Both sets of rings are found in the ceiling.
Oil Ocean Zone
Act 2
1A0001F8 + 0B9F03B0 + 1245021C Three horizontally lined rings, close to the launcher and invincibility monitor. Three vertically lined rings stuck in a block which prohibits access to them. Rings in a upside down v shape pattern. They are stuck inside the wall, thus unaccessable.
Sonic2MetropolisZone-Rings.png Metropolis Zone
Act 2
02C0043F Three slanted rings, in the floor that has a ten-ring monitor and a cog close-by.

Scrapped Zone Remnants

There are small remnants of Hidden Palace Zone, Wood Zone, Genocide City Zone, and Dust Hill Zone in the final game. See the aforementioned level pages for more information.

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