Submarine Eggman II

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Submarine Eggman II


Fast Facts on Submarine Eggman II

Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Stage: Oil Ocean
Hits to defeat: 8

With Submarine Eggman II (サブマリンエッグマンII), found in Oil Ocean Zone, the setup is very similar to that of the Submarine Eggman, with two islands instead of three and a pool of oil instead of lava. Robotnik is in another submarine, and this time he has a few extra tricks up his sleeve. Robotnik will appear at first, float in the oil for a few seconds, and then submerge his craft again. When he appears like this, that's your only chance to attack, so keep that in mind. When Robotnik submerges, a long spiky robotic arm launches out of the oil towards you. Jump or duck to avoid it, then prepare for what's next. A laser will now come out and fire a few shots at you, one of which may ignite the floor on which you stand. Observe the position of the gun to determine whether you should jump or duck.

Technical Information

Game Description Object ID Code offset Mappings offset Compressed art offset Palette Subparameters
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Oil Ocean Zone boss $55 $32F90 $33756 $882D6 (Nemesis Format, 181 blocks) $30C2 $00
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)

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