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Special Stage
Special level, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Number of Acts: 7

The Special Stage in Sonic 2 is a pseudo-3D stage consisting of a half-pipe the player runs through, collecting rings and avoiding bombs (which cause the player to lose 10 rings). Each special stage consists of three parts. In each, the player has to collect a minimum number of rings before specified checkpoints. Failing to meet a requirement causes the Special Stage to end. Upon completing all three parts successfully, the player is rewarded with a Chaos Emerald. Note that rings are cumulative, i.e. the player keeps rings collected in one part as they continue on to the next. In the single player mode it is vital that Tails doesn't hit any bombs as this will cause players to fail.

The Special Stage is accessed by collecting at least 50 rings in the normal game, touching a Star Post and then jumping into the Star Circle spinning around it.

The half-pipe Special Stage makes an appearance in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Mobius 5000", where Sonic and his friends find a checkpoint in the Casino Night Zone (called Casino Zone in this episode) and use the Special Stage as shortcut to get to the finish line.

This specific special stage is one of the most well known special stages of the entire Sonic franchise. It has been mimicked in later Sonic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, both versions of Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island, Sonic Rush, and in Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II.


If you have 50 Rings when you touch a Star Post, you'll see a Star Circle spinning around the Star Post. If you jump into the Star Circle, you'll go to the Special Stage. This is your chance to collect a Chaos Emerald!
  • Watch the screen to see how many Rings you need to get.
  • Speed around the chute, picking up as many Rings as you can. Sidestep the Bombs or jump over them to stay in the race.
  • If you get the required number of Rings at each checkpoint, you can continue. Otherwise, the Stage ends.
  • If you finish the Stage, you'll be rewarded with a magnificent Chaos Emerald.
  • When the Special Stage ends, you return to the Star Post in your original Zone, and you can resume the game.

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Rings Goals

Emerald Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Blue Get 30 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 40 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 30 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 70 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 80 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 70 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 130 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 140 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 130 rings! (Knuckles)
Purple Get 50 rings! Get 100 rings! (Sonic and/or Tails)
Get 90 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 140 rings! (Sonic and/or Tails)
Get 130 rings! (Knuckles)
Red Get 50 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 60 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 50 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 110 rings! (Sonic and/or Tails)
Get 100 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 160 rings! (Sonic and/or Tails)
Get 140 rings! (Knuckles)
Pink Get 40 rings! Get 110 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 100 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 90 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 150 rings! (Sonic and/or Tails)
Get 140 rings! (Knuckles)
Yellow Get 50 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 55 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 40 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 90 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 110 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 80 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 160 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 200 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 130 rings! (Knuckles)
Green Get 80 rings! (Sonic and/or Tails)
Get 70 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 140 rings! (Sonic and/or Tails)
Get 130 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 210 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 220 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 170 rings! (Knuckles)
Grey Get 100 rings! (Sonic and/or Tails)
Get 50 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 150 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 190 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 100 rings! (Knuckles)
Get 190 rings! (Sonic or Tails)
Get 210 rings! (Sonic and Tails)
Get 140 rings! (Knuckles)

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