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Brass Eggman
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Brass Eggman
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2013)
Level: Hidden Palace
Hits to defeat: 8

Brass Eggman is a boss exclusive to the 2013 remake of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, encountered at the end of Hidden Palace Zone. Taking place in front of a grand organ deep within the level, Eggman pilots his craft from below as the water level rises quickly up to the bridge.

Eggman will slowly follow around your character, evading if you jump, and after a few seconds will begin to emit noises from the massive trombone attahcment on top of the ship. The first time, it will be four descending notes that cause four spiked balls to fall from the ceiling and float in the water. Shortly after, the water level will rise over the platform for a split second. The balls will then detonate and emit a small vertical explosion that damages you if you're near it.

Once a few seconds pass, Eggman will emit a long and loud bellow from the horn, causing a small earthquake that rocks non-damaging debris off the roof and eventually a much larger spike ball that will follow your character around gingerly until it too detonates, emitting a large jet of water into the air. He then repeats the two attack cycles indefinitely.

Per usual, eight hits will mute the machine. If playing as Sonic and/or Tails, you can take advantage of the increased jump height from the water during the first attack style and attempt to reach the craft for a quick hit. Take caution however that the flame at the bottom of the ship, unlike other instances, will damage you. Your main method of attack will come in the second phase, where you should line up the bomb and Eggman as it's about to go off. If the jet of water hits Eggman's ship, it will stall and fall to the ground, giving the player enough time to land two to six hits, if properly executed.

Super Sonic's increased jump can reach the boss, but Eggman will also try to evade it just as fast. Tails can also be used to damage the boss by flying into it.

Currently, the boss has a glitch that if the player strikes the finishing hit on the boss as it is shaking from being hit with the water jet, the boss will not die and the fight will continue until a time over occurs, the player dies and continues from a checkpoint or the player restarts the whole level.

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