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Localisation comparisons

The Sonic 2 Mega Drive cartridge is not region locked. However, playing on a Japanese system changes a handful of small details in the game for the localised audience. These changes can also be toggled by pressing Up Down Down Down Up on the title screen.

Sonic2 MD Comparison OptionsJP.png
Japanese version
Sonic2 MD Comparison Options.png
Western version

It is said that Yasushi Yamaguchi was not keen on calling his newly created character "Tails", preferring his pun on "miles per hour", "Miles Prower". The name "Miles" already turns up several times during Sonic 2, such as in Casino Night Zone and the animated background menus, but in the Japanese version, most cases of "Tails" are suppressed. Switch to Japanese, and it becomes Sonic and Miles, not Sonic and Tails.

Sonic2 MD Comparison MilesLife.png
Japanese version
Sonic2 MD Comparison TailsLife.png
Western version

Miles as a life icon.

Sonic2 MD Comparison MilesEndAct.png
Japanese version
Sonic2 MD Comparison TailsEndAct.png
Western version

Miles finishes an Act.

Sonic2 MD Comparison MilesSpecialStage.png
Japanese version
Sonic2 MD Comparison TailsSpecialStage.png
Western version

Miles in the Special Stage.

Sonic2 MD Comparison MilesChaosEmerald.png
Japanese version
Sonic2 MD Comparison TailsChaosEmerald.png
Western version

Miles gets a Chaos Emerald.

Revision comparisons

REV. 01

REV. 02


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