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"Milpo" to Artificial Chaos P-1
Artificial Chaos P-100 to Bubble Shield monitor
Bubblegum Descent to Cinossu
Circular Attack to Disassembly
Discussion with Friends to Egg Salamander (Nega)
Egg Saucer to GHZ Badnik 2
GMZ to Ghost Pirate
Ghost Rex to I Am... All of Me
I Am All of Me to Knuckles Chaotix (Archie)
Knuckles Chaotix penultiamte boss to Magic Gloves
Magma Worm to Misty Lake
Mkamex to POW moves
PPZ to Prototype Zones/Green Hill
Prototype Zones/Hidden Palace to Rob Jinnai
Rob Northen compression to Sand Ruins
Sand box to Simon Jeffery
Simon Jeffrey to Sonic 2 Dimps Edition
Sonic 2 EX to Sonic Battle bug list
Sonic Battle bugs list to Sonic King of the Ring
Sonic Klik & Play Collection to Sonic Unleashed (PlayStation 3) RU manual
Sonic Unleashed (PlayStation 3) US manual to Sonic the Hedgehog 052 (Archie)
Sonic the Hedgehog 053 (Archie) to Sonic the Sketchhog
Sonic the Warehog to Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs
Sysop to Time Stones
Time Warp Plate to When in Rome
When in Rome (transcript) to 音速飛龍