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"Milpo" to Artificial Chaos P-100
Artoon to Bubbler
Bubbler's Mother to Circus Park
City Escape to Dive into the Mellow
Djbrayster to Egg Scarab
Egg Shackles to GSBJ8P
GSNE to Giant Wing
Giant ring to IceKnight
Ice Ball to Knuckles in Sonic 2 (prototype 0610)
Knuckles in Sonic 2 (prototype 0612) to Makoto Oshitani
Makoto Suzuki to Momma Robotnik
Momma Robotnik's Birthday to Pachuka
PalSwap to Psychokinetic
Pu7o to Robotnik's Revenge
Robotnik's Ship to Sascha Biesi
Sasori to Sites
Six Is a Crowd to Sonic 2 Millennium Edition
Sonic 2 Nick Arcade to Sonic Blast (LCD game) manual
Sonic Blast (Master System) BR manual to Sonic Magazine
Sonic Maker to Sonic Vegemite
Sonic Videogame & Fumetti to Sonic the Hedgehog 15 (Archie)
Sonic the Hedgehog 16 (Archie) to Sony PlayStation Vita
Sony Playstation 2 to Tai-hey
Taihei Sato to Tomonori Sawada
Tomoya Ohtani to Wing Fortress Zone
Wing Fortress Zone Boss to 音速飛龍