Amy, Love's Escape Journey?!

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SonicX 42 JP TitleCard.jpg
Sonic X episode #42
"Amy, Love's Escape Journey?!"
Written by:
Directed by: Shigeru Yazaki
Production no.: 042
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Amy's Love Escapes!? is the 42nd episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as A Date to Forget.

Episode Summary

In a pile of ruins on the beach, Bokkun awakens Emerl and commands him to be his servant. They leave the ruins together, with Bokkun planning mischief.

Amy Rose enters Chris' house in a rage; Sonic had promised to go on a date with her that day, and didn't show up as planned. Sam Speed arrives with a similar tale; Sonic was supposed to race him in his new supersonic race car. Having both been stood up by Sonic, Sam and Amy decide to go on a date to the beach together.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman is still in jail, awaiting rescue. Bokkun, however, is using Emerl to power a tank to fight Sonic--which explains where the hedgehog is.

As Sam and Amy drive around the countryside, ending up everywhere except the beach, Sam remembers that his race was actually supposed to start at sunset, and therefore didn't actually coincide with Amy's date. As Bokkun reveals that a different machine is on its way to rescue Eggman, Sam and Amy see that robot go by, and pursue it. Amy destroys it with a single hammer blow.

Sam and Amy finally make it to the beach. At sunset, Sonic arrives and apologizes to Amy--but blows off her attempt to hug him, and begins his race with Sam immediately. As Amy screams her frustration, Cream discovers Emerl sitting abandoned in a clump of bushes.

Eyecatch Cards

Bokkun finds Emerl.
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